Where’s Dory?

We have one last post to commemorate the maiden voyage of Dory2! The wonderful Francois at Safari Condo had arranged a few surprises for us that made us so happy. One of those was a photo album he put together with a little stuffed Dory. He had people in the Safari Condo factory take pictures of her through all the stages of construction. Then, at the end, they all posed with her. We were floored by this gesture. It meant so much to us and made this Alto pickup something very special.

So, we wanted to show our appreciation by documenting all the places Dory got to go this summer. This became a daily quest and she went everywhere with us.

As you can see, Dory had an amazing summer. Her message at the end says it all: “Thank you to everyone at Safari Condo! Thanks to all your hard work, look at all the places I went.”

6 thoughts on “Where’s Dory?

  1. Wow – what a trip! We leave next week for a 10 day trip and you just did 6.5 of those back to back to back to back to back to back and a half….. I would love to hear more about how you attach the aluminet to the top and back and if there is a special process you go through to put it up. If you make it back to Zion, do the Narrows if the water is clear, that was a highlight of a trip I took there several year ago. You made it a lot further up the trail of death (Angels Landing) than I did. I blame that on my 10 year old daughter, but if I am being honest, I need rails to feel comfortable when the drop off is death worthy. Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us!

    1. The Narrows remains on the bucket list. Some day. As for the Aluminet, I sewed a strip of keder rope along the side of a 7×12 piece and slide it into the driver side keder rail. Then if we need shading on the roof, we pull it over the top and use guy lines on the corners. My next project is to sew a matching piece to that so that it’s like a 2 layer flap. I can then shade the refrigerator side AND the roof if needed. Or double layer for either one. The little piece is just hung on suction hooks and bugee secured at the bottom. And I totally get it about needing rails. Richard gets that even more.

  2. Looks like I will be buying some Aluminet! You said the top piece is 7×12, do you happen to remember what size the smaller one is on the back, guessing 7×6 maybe? do you happen to remember the Keder Rail thickness by any chance? We did get the driver said keder rail, probably because you suggested it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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