Westside (3)

Home looked about the same, except it was smoke.

Fog. That’s this week. Fog, as in yay, it’s not smoke. Fog, as in, “What is this thing called “work”? And “house”? And why are we not moving every three days? Why are there piles of paper on my desk? And why do I have a desk?”

We are both predictably adjusting to the shift. Which is to say, every year we re-confirm our love of extended trips. There is plenty to love about home, but we always get a bit melancholy when the excitement of new destinations comes to a close for a while. I think we’re getting better at it though? Like no panic attacks, just sort of …. fog.

Wildlife sanctuary with barely visible pelicans

It worked to not give myself any time to think before the start of the school year. I just dove right into preparations and that takes up all of my brain. We emptied Dory of all laundry and we washed the sheets as soon as we got in last weekend, Richard washed ALL of the dishes, and we emptied food storage. Our big, lovely 4.3 cu ft refrigerator is total overkill for weekend jaunts.

We were very happy to get take out from our favorite Bodega Bay restaurant: La Bodegita. They’d been closed for a while and we were worried. But they were up and running and crazy busy Friday night. The wait times have increased, just as they have for most restaurants still in business, but we were in no hurry. The owner apologized and offered complimentary drinks. We assured him that there was no need and that we were not the least bit bothered, and he looked like he doesn’t usually get that answer. It’s brutal out there I guess.

Fuzzy dots in the foggy sky

Saturday I did slow foggy things, like wash the filthy windows and reorganize Bruce. We took out the things we didn’t use and that freed up space to make the rest more accessible. I got many people coming by to ask about Dory, which did not seem to happen much over the summer. Maybe we were just out and away more, doing crazy hikes and things.

I take it back about saying the inverter is not a game changer. I heated up La Bodegita leftovers in the microwave for lunch (you can only do that if you have hookups or an inverter) and that was awesome. The solar panels don’t seem to be bothered by inverter use, nor by fog. The battery just keeps smiling away with a happy face, so it’s pretty worry free. Also, we still have not used up a whole propane tank. Richard did a bike ride up Bay Hill, which has been partially repaved. In the evening, we just walked up and down the bay looking at pelicans through the fog.

On our way out, we looked at Spud Point for crab cakes, but the line was crazy long. Instead, we went just a little further down the road to Anello’s. There we got crab cakes and clam chowder and it was really good. I’m not enough of a connoisseur to do a comparison of the two places. I don’t know why one had a line and the other didn’t. I liked Anello’s just fine and they call everyone “hon.”

Lone kayaker out there

When we got home, Dory2 got her first driveway bath to rinse off two months worth of magical travel dust. Now she’s shiny again. On getting her back in the garage, we’ve noticed that the wire loops at the front of the solar panels sit a little farther forward and are therefore not one of the highest points on the roof. We were concerned because they look bigger than the ones on Dory1 and Lola, so we weren’t sure if we would still be able to get her in. Those are a non issue now, but the top of the keder rail on the passenger side is just brushing against the garage frame. When we take her in for a Randy checkup, maybe we can lower the suspension on that side.

Not much to report. It was foggy. We are foggy. But we are happy to have weekends lined up and we are happy not to be currently on fire.

Total miles: 90.3, 16.3 mpg. Site 34 no hookups. Right by bathroom and garbage, so kind of a thoroughfare site. But it was fine. It’s all fine. Good dump, but now you have to pay $7 at the kiosk if you’re going to use it. Strong LTE for both.

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