San Luis Creek (5)

Last night out for the summer extravaganza

Well, that was sure a nice trip. We left just before the start of June with one Alto, and came back August first with another. 65 days in all. We had plenty of all the essentials and were able to get everything else on the road. Coffee pods, shake packets, pills, and after dinner mints were all carefully counted ahead of time. We did laundry only twice because we are gross. I used up an entire small size container of Happy Camper holding tank treatment. Had a total fail with the backup dish soap and hand soap containers and will not do that again. I need to explore other options for backup unscented liquid soap. I had plenty of Happy Glass Margarita Mix bottles, thanks to the case I put behind the driver’s seat. And all of the pantry and Blue Apron specialty ingredients were more than enough for two months on the road. We did not need or use eggs, but it was a fun idea. I need to find a replacement for Trader Joe’s sparkling lemon water that I actually like. You can’t carry enough and can’t restock on the road – even at a flipping Trader Joe’s! We added another little 12v fan to our fan arsenal (now we have four) and I like how this one is always there and ready to cool me off in bed at night (waiting for someone to make cheap joke and I have a mental list of who it’s most likely to be).

Richard got in a sunset bike ride at trusty San Luis Forebay

As for car packing, we definitely did not need three different awnings. Good lord. When it comes down to it, I really only ever bother to put up the classic awning anymore. And the Aluminet (I need to get more Aluminet). I have come to accept that I probably won’t put up the screened awning, despite the time and effort I put into making it. On the occasions when there are bugs, we generally just go inside now. I don’t know if there will come a time when I regret leaving it behind, but I think that and the visor need to come out of the car. We didn’t use the extra long dump hoses once. We didn’t use the beefy bike wheels at all and if there were ever going to be a time for that, it would have been Hell’s Backbone. We did not use the generator a single time but should probably still take it on long trips for just in cases. I used my boat very little, but I still want to carry it for those rare moments. I used my bike maybe twice? Now we’re looking at the possibility of doing an E bike conversion with it. But also, I could just rent an E bike in special places. I don’t think I would use an E bike enough to justify the cost and carrying it outside in the rain seems like a bad idea.

We love Dory2 ever so much. In no particular order, here are the things that are new and improved little changes from Dory1:

  • 440 w solar panels – OMG, game changer (you were right Francois. duh.)
  • 2 lithium batteries – same (see above about Francois rightness)
  • Inverter – used twice and enjoyed hot sandwiches for lunch, but not a game changer
  • Truma Combi – absolutely love; so quiet and efficient
  • Backup Camera – best of the three systems by FAR; excellently clear and bright monitor, fast picture response
  • Truma Caravan Mover – literally did not use it until we got home but it worked like a dream, seems great
  • Interior LED lights – a little warmer color and I like it
  • Shower floor – redesign to get the toilet off the floor, which makes it way easier to keep clean
  • Bathroom latch – LOVE! now we don’t need to replace latches
  • Dust pan cabinet velcro secured/no latch – good call
  • Dump hose cap – do not love
  • Suburban stove – MUCH better flame control
  • Fridge (same as Lola’s) – bigger, so much bigger than the 3.5 and I love it; plus interior light
  • USBs everywhere – nice, but now there are little blue lights at night
  • Dual propane tank – used almost one tank in two months, but now we are worry free
  • Blue upholstery – most durable of the three we’ve had and the color is delicious
  • Utensil drawer – preferred the other one
  • Outside lights – nicer and less glarey
  • Outside plumbing – reposition of drain pipe and that seems like a much better location
  • Backsplash – wood tone instead of silver and I like it
  • Control panel for AC – brighter with backlight but a little finicky about button pushing
  • Fridge front – white and it shows drips (I still wonder if it’s a white board…)
  • Hinge crimp – they fixed the thing where the door hinge inner rod slips down over time
  • Outside seals – replaced the black gooey stuff with some kind of rubbery covering and I like it

We could not possibly have enjoyed our Dory2 maiden voyage any more. All of it, even goddamn Spider Bro. It was a perfect adventure and we are so thrilled to be able to say “indoory in Dory” again. It was hard not to say “Dory” when we were in Lola. We hit some of the most beautiful national parks we’ve ever seen and got to spend quality time with good friends. I can’t recommend crashing your Alto, but I can say that if you do, eventually, it will all be ok.

Still and all, it’s good to be home and at least Kitty missed us. She later gifted us a bird. bleh

Total miles: 318.0, 16.7 mpg. Site 4 hookups. Total miles to home: 106.8, 15.0 mpg. Just a note that the “upper dump” on the right hand side as you exit is not as bad as the lefthand one. Do not ever ever use that side. No.

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