Building Dory(2)

I swear they are not paying me to say this, but Safari Condo really does have the best people in the whole world.

Just when I think Safari Condo couldn’t possibly get any better, they go ahead and pull a stunt. Remember when I posted a shot of Dory 2 all completed with the whole factory crew standing in front of her holding a stuffed Dory? Well that was only part of the story, as it turns out. It seems my Canadian Boyfriend Francois was able to pull off a whole coordinated surprise, carefully staged over the course of the entire build process. Somehow, he talked the factory crew into taking pictures with a stuffed fish, placing her in hilarious poses, all through the assembly. I can only imagine how he explained that to them, but they appear to have had fun with it.

Yesterday, he sent us word that Dory2 will be heading out to Durango, CO for pickup at Durango RV. And that was already exciting. Then, ever so casually, he shared a photo album with me.

I have inadequate words, Francois. This is absolutely the best. Well played. You got us good, dude.

I’ve been obsessed with these photos for the past 24 hours and I see that Dory2 will be production number 2143. She looks gorgeous and we will be using every bit of self restraint to wait until summer break to go meet her.

So, here she is, in every stage of the manufacturing process. So freaking cool.

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