Bodega Bay RV Park (2)

An RV park that is walking distance to La Bodeguita = winning.

This weekend was so fun! First off, as a reward to myself for being ultra good with both health and online classes, we got takeout from our favorite restaurant, La Bodeguita. It was closed for a long time and we were worried it wasn’t going to make it through the pandemic. But they are back and just as good as I remember. I budgeted the calories for two tacos with rice and beans. The RV park is literally right behind the restaurant, so Richard walked over and picked it up to bring back to Dory. I was a very happy camper.

Every bit as good as I remembered

On Saturday we did our new normal routine, with Richard going out riding while I pushed through classes. You guys, I am so close. I think one more weekend will do it and I will be DONE FOREVER and can maybe some day retire. I’m so pleased. The cell service was great in our site so I just plowed through indoory in Dory. Richard’s route was up Bay Hill to Joy Rd to Coleman Valley Road. It is beautiful, but the road is in very bad shape, and Coleman Valley has seven cattle grates. Cattle grates are no fun for bikers.

Whoa. Now, that is a cool trailer.

While I was working, a really cool rig pulled in next to us. I could tell right away that it was a special vintage trailer that had been beautifully restored. On one of the windows was etched, “Mona” and “1948 Spartan Manor.” I recognized the brand from having watched lots of episodes of “Flippin’ RVs.” Back when we were getting ready for our 15 min of fame on “Extreme RVs,” we watched a lot of RV TV. This show was the most interesting. There is a place called Flyte Camp in Bend, Oregon that does vintage trailer restoration, so their show is about the hunt for old trailers, as well as the nitty gritty of the rebuilds. They always end up with something really spectacular that honors the vintage feel. I did a little googling to see if Mona had maybe come through their lot, and I really wanted to meet the owners, but they were out all day.

Steve, aka “Booger”

We got our chance on Sunday when Richard chatted them up and asked if we could take a peek. They were most hospitable and really fun people. The inside is absolutely gorgeous. It is all original and beautifully maintained. The furnace was installed later, but all the rest is 1948, right down to the tiny fire extinguisher in the kitchen. There is a stove and oven, refrigerator, kitchen sink and bedroom sink, and a super cool fold out desk/vanity in the bedroom.

Absolutely beautiful inside

You can tell they are very proud owners and the rig sparkles like new. They are on their way down to a vintage trailer rally in Pismo and we longed to just chuck all responsibility and follow them down. They said there would be lots of other vintage trailers there, all staged to show off.

They call this the “Boyfriend Door”

It was a blast talking with them! Their actual names are Steve and Paula, but they go by “Booger & Sugar.” 🙂 Though this rig did not appear on “Flippin RVs,” they know the stars, Justin and Anna Scribner, very well. What’s more, they also have a restored 1957 Royal Mansion that they fully incorporated into the build of their new house! Finally! People who really get us and our desire to add a cool trailer to your home living space. #akacrazy

Desk/Vanity in the bedroom

Their build was written up in an issue of “Livin on Tulsa Time,” and you can see pictures here. They are very fun and totally normal people. Except for, you know, all the things. Steve has diagnosed himself with “aluminitis” and was curious about Dory. They came over and checked her out and Steve noted that he was able to fully stand up inside. He demonstrated how he stands inside their Spartan and he has to bend his neck over to one side or he’ll hit the ceiling. Richard and I were able to fully stand up inside.

All original appliances

The Spartans have a really interesting history which, like Altos, takes a page from aircraft manufacturing. Their rig is only 3,600 lbs. There is no bathroom or shower so campground bathrooms are the way to go. They’ve done some amazing trips already, hitting Highway 66 for a six week excursion.

Teeny tiny fire extinguisher

We really enjoyed that experience and we headed back home with a planned stop at Randy’s. Dory2 is getting her annual checkup before our summer trip. We are definitely excited, and also hopeful that ground breaking of the Dory1/ADU project can commence while we are away. Fun times!

Total miles: 86.6, 15.7 mpg, 2 hours 42 min. Site 54 hookups. Great 5g or LTE for both. Water spigot in site. Good dump, though back in, but that was fine.

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  1. Alissa, Where you are, I hope you and Richard got to see the eclipse tonight. Your RVing pics are delightful. Fun to see the old stuff restored, too. Goodnight.

  2. Pretty sure we saw you driving home on 37 yesterday. We waved but weren’t towing, so I am sure you missed us! 😀love, your San Jose Cousins 🙂

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