Casini Ranch (6)

Premium riverfront site

This is always such a fun place. Even though it is a massive operation, with hundreds of sites, it manages to spread people out for the most part, so you don’t feel crowded, and it offers a bunch of nice sites with river views. They have planned events, like ice cream socials, movie nights, and bonfires, but you can also just be on your own and do your thing. There are impressive playgrounds, with big bouncy things, and spider web climby things, and basketball courts. Plus you can rent golf carts, watercraft, pedal carts, and bikes. It really is a wonderful place for family camping. For me, it was a nice view of the river with spectacular campground WiFi to power through another round of homework.

I’m really not sure what these are.

We found all of our old cell booster set up and tested it out this weekend. We had to get a new extension pole for the antenna because the last one rode in the bumper of Dory1, got obliterated in the accident, and was left on the side of the road. Everything worked, and actually, I started getting texts as soon as we turned it on. There was no service for ATT anywhere in the area, so that was a very good test. Our booster is a SureCall and we always were pleased with its performance. Since this summer Richard is going to have to be working on the road, we have mixed feelings about the effectiveness of boosters.

Lovely Russian River

While I watched videos and read articles, Richard did a nice ride up Austin Creek and King Ridge Road. By the time he got back, I had turned in the planned number of assignments, so we strolled around the campground for a while. The campground store is fantastic. You can get anything from ice cream bars to frozen dinner, to pool noodles and camping equipment. I got a mint It’s It and we watched ducks and geese over at the pond. I noticed them doing something that seemed horrible to a female duck, and later Googled it. I don’t want to talk about what they were doing and I do not suggest you look it up if you ever want to think of ducks in a positive light ever again.

Nice photo of waterfowl not engaging in horrific behavior

One other thing that was interesting was that the tent camping family across from us decided it was ok to pee on the grass instead of walking a hundred yards to the bathroom. At first, it was the little kids and I thought that was odd, but they’re kids and I guess they’ve been taught “this is camping.” But then I literally saw the mom do it! The spot they chose was near tall bushes and sort of sheltered from other eyes, kind of, and they might not have known I was in Dory all day with a clear view of their butts, but I can definitely say I’ve never seen that in a campground before.

There are lots of trails in and around the campground.

Sunday morning it rained, which is always pleasant. We lazed around and watched campers packing up. The thought occurred to me that it was nice the pee across the way was getting washed away before the next set of campers came to use that site. We have one more weekend of camping and then we go full throttle to get things ready. We have Casini reserved again in August and that makes me happy. I always love coming to this place.

Total miles: 92.8, 16.2 mpg, 2 hours 57 min avoiding highways. Site 6. Premium riverfront, electric hookups. Wifi is AMAZING. No cell for me, minimal for Verizon, until we tried the booster. Got 1 bar LTE for ATT and 2 bars 5g for Verizon. Good dump. Awesome campground store.

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