Woodson Bridge RV Park

Nice riverfront site without reservations

At last, the much-anticipated launch time has arrived! If all goes according to plan, we will be out for 66 nights this summer. The ultimate destination and “stop and go no farther” point is Jasper, in Alberta, Canada. The only night for which we did not have reservations was the first, because we wanted to see how far we could get after I got home.

Not too shabby for coffee view

We ended up calling it a day and staying at Woodson Bridge RV Park near Corning. We have stayed across the street at the state recreation area, noting the existence of the private place with hookups. On the road, we were not able to ascertain whether there were spaces available at the SRA, but we did get through to the private place. It was pricey at $50, but it was a Friday night on a three-day weekend, they had a riverside site, and a campground store, so we said sure.

Sacramento River

It’s about ten miles in from I-5 and site 4 has a very nice view of the Sacramento River. The campground mostly seems to accommodate long term guests, with some of the rigs having permanent structures built around them. Most were older rigs, but there was also one very fancy one with a full-on outdoor living room.


The hookups looked very dodgy. The sewer outlet more resembled a gopher hole than anything else, but the campground dump looked worse, so we ended up deciding to risk upsetting a gopher. That would be very upsetting though. But we also figured, we wouldn’t be the first to do that, so it’s really on the gopher for not moving. It was fine actually and worked like a normal dump. The electric worked fine too. It was all fine.

Opening in the garage is super handy.

Before leaving, we did the requisite cleaning and organization of All Things. Every penny we spent on making it so that Dory can open fully in the garage was absolutely worth it. Food pantry items got lots of attention and new labels. We will be packing 550+ coffee packets but will still probably have coffee anxiety. We also have an impressive amount of RV TP, and before anyone gets on their high horse about there being paper products in other parts of the world, I will note that we have brand preference there, and can’t always find that on the road. We prefer your ridicule to TP anxiety. Dory got her annual mani-pedi at Randy’s and came home looking beautiful. Bruce2 also got a spiffening up and got some face scratches polished out. They’re a mighty fine-looking couple and ready to go out and accumulate filth from six states and a province.

Much better. Silly highway piece of wood is all gone now.

With the first stop logged and accounted for, and all my classes now completed, I can shake off the last vestiges of responsibility and focus on the road ahead!

Total miles: 166.9, 17.8 mpg, 4 hours 23 min. Site 4 full hookups. Excellent cell service. Non usable campground dump, but site dump worked fine. Either that, or it was a very deep gopher hole and a really unhappy gopher.

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  1. Amazing!!! Would lover to read about how you plan such epic trip with 66 nights of stay pre-booked! Impressive.

    1. It’s a big job. 🙂 I’ve been using RV Trip Wizard for the last year and I find it definitely helps. You can put in your starting point, set how far you want to go in a day, and search campgrounds that are in that range. At the end, you can enter reservation confirmation info and print it all out. I’m a fan now.

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