San Luis Creek (4)

Finding Dory2!

Launch status: GO! We are on our way to find Dory2. We’ve got food for a week, 350 coffee pods, 75 shake packets, 130 after dinner mints, clothes until they get smelly, and a couple bags of housewarming items for Dory2.

We are anxious. I mean, that is normal for us, but we are especially so given several sad posts on Altoistes lately about crashes. And to top it off, our BFF Linda, who launched a couple days before we did, had a mishap where someone flagged her down to alert her that her trailer wheel was on fire. I mean. WHAT?? Literal flames were coming out of her wheel and she had to use the fire extinguisher. She was stranded for six hours before getting a tow and a diagnosis of a bad bearing maintenance job she’d gotten right before she left. We are super glad she and the dogs are ok, and relieved she was able to get back on the road the next day, but holy hell.

You just never know do you? Absolutely anything can happen out there and it will probably be the thing you never thought to worry about. So all we can do is just hit the road, packing an extra large supply of anxiety, and just keep swimming.

San Luis is becoming a dependable springboard stop for longer trips.

We should be in Durango, CO on day six and will pass through some gorgeous scenery on the way. Well, first we get to do the Barstow slog, but after that we will eventually get out of the flatlands. It’ll be a series of one night stands until we get there, but we get to relax and enjoy the road after that.

We’ve got a list of fix it jobs for the peeps in Durango for Lola Too that we hope not to add to en route. But if we do, oh well. Just keep swimming.


Total miles: 105.1, 17.8 mpg, 3 hours 14 min with holiday weekend traffic. Site 15 hookups. Super windy. Won’t be dumping tomorrow cause don’t need to and hate this dump.

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