Barstow KOA (3?)

It’s fine. Pull through site with hookups. That works.

We’re not actually sure how many times we’ve stayed here, because for some reason, I have not thought it worthwhile to dedicate a post to the Barstow KOA. But now I’m too set in my ways not to, so here you go.

Today was Long Slog Day, or LSD for short, but way more boring. Lots of miles of long, flat, and straight ahead road. We got a very early start on it, which helped prevent afternoon fatigue. All told, it was seven hours from start to stop, but it was a designated ‘make tracks’ day, so not unexpected.

Yep. It’s this times seven hours.

We spend a lot of time now looking in the rear view mirrors for signs of flaming wheels. We are also back in the habit of using our laser thermometer to check the wheels every time we stop. I keep calling it a “temperature gun” but I need to stop that. Sometimes we’ll be getting out of the car at a gas station and I’ll say to Richard, “Get the gun!” Not good.

Barstow is kind of a necessary evil seeing as it is so far to get to the next decent place to stay that has hookups. We were trying to work out how else we could do it on the way back and ended up thinking, “Meh, might as well just do Barstow.” So here we are and here we’ll be at the second to last night out. We head into much more scenic backdrops tomorrow. Well, after we get through Vegas, that is. Then pretty all the way.

Before we left, Richard did a thorough cleanup job on my pretty blue bike. I’m really bad at riding that bike and I have great guilt. I will really try to get my butt on it at least once this trip to make his hard work worthwhile. Meanwhile, his bike gets to ride inside. It’s a little tight on long trips when we add just a few extra things to the mix, like a spare set of beefier bike tires in case he wants to ride miles and miles on gravel. It has happened, so we carry them. I think Bruce2 would look really good with a roof box. Maybe that will be for our next big trip. Meanwhile, car storage Tetris.

Pretty blue bike, looking at me accusingly.

We pulled in around 3:30 and seeing as how there is not much to do (except buy shoes at outlets, apparently), we reorganized the car to make it easier to get the grill out. It is 93º here. Living the dream!

Total miles: 316.9, 17.6 mpg, 7 hours. Site… something, doesn’t matter. Electric hookups and pull through level site so we don’t have to unhitch.

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