Brannan Island (7)

Brannan Island is a nice, close by place to kick back and not stress.

Last weekend before the summer pickup trip and we are armed with checklists! We’ve got checklists for what to bring, what to take out, what to last minute buy, we have checklists for checklists. We tried to pretend we were packed and ready to go this weekend, just to see what we were missing. I’m glad that was just pretend because we forgot a lot.

That is some amazing pantry Tetris right there.

I did some Tetris-ing with the backup supplies while Richard did a trial run on wiring up a 30 amp plug for the coffee machine and projector. He plans to wire this up in Dory2 because she will have ample amp hours with her two badass lithium batteries and 440 watt solar panels. She’ll be packing power so the plan is to run the Techimpex 12V espresso machine right off the Alto system. For that to happen, we need some kind of pluggy thing that the coffee machine can connect to, a circuit that can be hijacked for this purpose, and a bigger fuse.

Richard loves the Delta Loop ride.

We thought we had it figured out by using the circuit that normally goes to a powered back bench motor, which we didn’t order. When we tested everything out, it worked great! Except we lost the light over the sink and fridge. Oops. So next we’ll try using the circuit that goes to the CO/Propane monitor. We already came up with a standalone, battery powered replacement for that because those babies seem to like going off in the middle of the night. If this works, it’ll be the first time, I think since we got Dory, that I will not have my feet resting on a 50 AH battery/ottoman.

After much soul searching, we decided not to try to put in new latches or the table slide mod on this trip. It’s just too many tools to carry. We figure we can live with it for two months. But I do really like the table mod, so I’ll probably complain every time I get up and can’t push the tabletop out of my way. #lifeishard


It was a lazy, and yet productive, weekend. We are antsy about launching and have that old familiar nervousness that something will go horribly wrong. I’ve got some amazing reservations all lined up, made in short order through a whole lot of scanning for cancellations. Once we launch, blogging will become difficult. I’ll try my best to post every so often when we have service.

When I post next, we’ll be on our way to Finding Dory2!

Total miles: 37.7 taking Taylor to Willow Pass Road. That was ok except the downtown Concord part. Took Highway 12 through Rio Vista on the way back and that is probably a good way to go if we’re avoiding the 680/242/4 Triangle of Terror. Mpg 16.0, didn’t note the time. Site 6. Good solar, no hookups, good LTE, nicely spaced from other sites.

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