Spring Lake (3)

Nice site, although it’s on the wrong side for the door. Easily solvable by turning around.

What a pleasant place! I don’t know why we don’t come here more often. It’s a short distance from home, it’s got biking and boating, and the possibility of takeout nearby if we were so inclined. It’s also fairly easy to book, so I’ll have to raise its status in the look-for-reservations game.

That’s a nice blue.

It was definitely a great place to try out my new boat! I’m excited. I have been very happy with my Advanced Elements kayak and put a lot of thought into whether I wanted to trade it out for something else. The Passport has roof rails with a come hither look of, “Wouldn’t a kayak rack look nice on me?” And if I did that, I could get a hard sided kayak. Or there are the origami kinds to consider as well. Fast forward hours and hours of overthinking that I will not bore you with and I end up deciding I like my inflatable. Except…. oh dear…. now they have come out with a limited edition blue one. And it’s like five inches longer, so I hoped it might fit more behind the seat. Like the wheelie cart thing I use to get it to the boat launches, so that I don’t have to take a carrying case. I mean, how could I not get this really? For a minute I thought my green one had a leak in the hull that would absolutely necessitate this purchase. But I fixed it way too easily. So let’s just call this a panic buy and enjoy the blueness.

The lake even comes with swans.

One thing that is different about this version is that it has a drop stitch floor. That basically means a stiffer inflation, kind of like those stand up paddle boards that look solid, but they’re inflatable. I was a little worried it would not be as comfortable a ride, but then I realized I can control how much air I put in. I was out on the water over two hours and it was quite comfy, no sore spots or anything. It makes the feel a bit tighter, if that’s the right word. I felt I was going a little faster, but that is not really a motivation I have. And it comes with a foot brace that I like a little better than the inflatable foot wedge because I can stow a light jacket in front of it. So overall, I’m pleased and this baby will be coming with us on our summer pickup trip.

Adobe Canyon

While I was out paddling, Richard did a portion of the “going to the moon” ride, which travels through the “Valley of the Moon” in Sonoma. He went up to see Sugarloaf, which, last we saw, was under threat of being wiped out by fire. There was fire damage outside of the campground, but he talked to a ranger who said the fire crews worked very hard to save the observatory and set back fires. Those seemed to work very well and caused less damage than the wildfire. The ranger thought most of the those trees would return as only the lower part of their trunks got burned. But yes, there was a lot of fire damage where things clearly would not come back and that is still very sad to see.

No more toe stubbable track.

We finished off our table project this weekend. Since the drawer slides are working so well to move the tabletop out of the way, we don’t need it to slide on its base in the track. And since we don’t want that functionality, we inserted custom cut pieces of plastic to form a solid base. Then I cut a piece of Chilewich to go on top and now we have no track to trap dirt and stuff. Plus, we have a table top that slides easily out of the way for me to sit in my corner, and pulls right back into place. Satisfying mod.

We have one weekend left before staying out for 65 days. Tick tock…

Total miles: 71.7, 15.7 mpg, 2 hours 20 min. Site 27 no hookups. It’s a pull along site going in the wrong direction for the door, so we looped around and came at it backwards. Otherwise fine site. Little bit of solar, nice shade. Good dump, but oddly located in the middle of the campground. No close access to the lake from the campground, but trails that take you a short distance to get there. The boat launch is a short drive through the park. LTE 1-2 bars for both of us.

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