Doran Beach (6)

img_8810There’s always something new, isn’t there? Staggering away from a Friday that left me thinking, “Yeah, you guys definitely won that round,” we headed to one of our fave Bodega Bay locations. It really wasn’t until after our night walk along the beach that I was able to shake off the feeling of getting my ass handed to me by third graders. But there was a full moon, crashing waves, big screen movies in a cozy Dory bed, and perhaps some alcohol involved in the rescue of my mood, if not dignity.

img_8828Saturday we kind of lazed around until the afternoon. Then we went for a hike on the Pinnacle Gulch Trail, where you can only do the whole thing when it’s low tide. We timed it specifically, also planning ahead for optimum sunset viewing. What we didn’t expect was to find more sea stars than I have ever seen in my life, all in one place. It was crazy! There were even some researchers out there in the tide pools too, taking measurements and cataloging the phenomenon. img_8823They said that in 2013, most of the sea stars had gotten some kind of disease, all but dying off. For some reason, they had come back with a vengeance. I also noticed the rocks were covered with muscles in numbers that defied estimation. My hypothesis is that the sea stars faked their deaths, allowing the muscles to take over everything. Then, they could just mount a sudden return campaign saying, “Psych!” and feast to their little hearts’ content. Whatever the reason behind the comeback, they were really beautiful to see.

img_8841Yes, we saw another glorious sunset, as well as crazy ocean bathers in frigid weather. Frigid for us. They were probably from the east coast, or Canada or something. After the show, we enjoyed our usual Mexican restaurant and all was well.

Sunday, Richard rode out and I planned to meet him at the Wild Flour Bakery. Sadly, Google was not aware they were on their winter break closure. But we’re coming back to the area next weekend, so maybe we can have a do over.

Sixth visit. Still fun.

Total miles: 82.5, 2 hours 29 min, 16.0 mpg. Site 71 no hookups, great solar. Dump not so great, you have to pay $7 for it, and there was a line. So went to Bodega Dunes to dump. $8, worth it. Great cell for both.

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