Morro Bay (4)

img_8801Buh bye winter break! Glad we got to end in such a happy place. Dang we love Morro Bay! We were super pleased to be able to get a site in the state park campground and attribute this to it being the off season. It’s normally a lot harder to book there. Practically the first thing we did after setting up was walk down to the Bayside Cafe and got a late lunch and a large IPA on tap. All the driving from the day before became instantly worth it.

img_8803We did our night walk from the marina area out to Morro Rock, and followed with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants – House of JuJu. A nice glass of Chardonnay and fish tacos finished off the evening with a commitment to fully enjoy every last possible minute of vacation.

img_8771The next day, Richard really really tried to go on a bike ride. The fates were against him though, or his time traveling future self was trying really hard to keep him off the road. It worked, and after repeated flat tires, a trip to a bike store in San Luis Obispo to fix the flat tire, and then another flat tire, he decided it was time to give up. We salvaged the day though and went on a gorgeous ocean view hike until sunset.

img_8782Here’s a tidbit on equipment storage. We actually do put a lot of thought into what gets stored in Bruce vs. Dory. Like we think through what items we would want if we were away from Dory and wanted to do something spontaneous. So, after trying and failing at dropping Richard off for a bike ride, we were prepared with hiking shoes, head lamps, binoculars, and jackets to set off on a hike that might include watching the sunset and getting back to the car in the dark. #sunsetpreparedness

img_8798The return home was smooth and uneventful. Yeah, we hit traffic at the last 50 miles, but that was expected. The offspring did an awesome job taking care of house and kitty, and guess what we had waiting for us on our coffee table: the box of coffee pods we had our daughter try to general delivery mail to us! Mailing is hard. And it is not always obvious that you need to cross out the original “To” addressee if you’re re-posting a package. So she just ended up mailing it directly from our post office to our house. But no harm, no foul, all’s well that ends well.

Super awesome winter break! Already scheming next winter.

Total miles from Buena Vista: 134.0, 2 hours 52 min, 14.8 mpg. Site 93 no hookups.

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