Wrights Beach (8)

img_8870“Are you locals?” we were asked by the server at our favorite Mexican restaurant. “Sort of?” we answered. We had been there just the week before and my favorite camping area is now pulling way out ahead as the most frequently visited spot. I scored site 7 at Wrights Beach this time, quite premium, but only for two nights, and that was before I realized it was a three day weekend. Of course, by the time I went back to see if I could extend the stay to Sunday night, all the premium sites were booked. I took 11 anyway and figured it wouldn’t be so bad to move.

img_8893Saturday we did our usual with not much interesting to report, besides there being a camping pig in the campground. We heard this wild scream at one point and went to investigate. Richard asked the owner, “What is the short story with the pig?” and we learned her name is Penelope and she is the result of his wife being exposed to adorable baby piglets. She’s a Vietnamese Miniature Pot Belly pig and weighs 110 lbs. They took her on walks on the beach and around the campground and she wagged her little pig tail as she walked. I wonder if kitty would like a pig friend. And I wonder if pig rules are the same as dog rules.

img_8895Sunday we thought we might get to upgrade our move to another premium site, but our (my) hopes were dashed when it turned out the ranger had made a mistake. I pouted, but secretly, and only for a brief time, as we packed up enough to move over to 11. It was really totally fine and I’m a big whiner.

img_8881We hiked the Kortum Trail over to Shell Beach and I admired the Memory Labyrinth near the parking lot. I couldn’t find a lot of information about it, but it appears to have started around ten years ago, and has grown over time as people have left items as tokens of someone they perhaps have lost. I saw some photos, painted rocks, small toys, letters, all apparent tributes to loved ones. It was sweet, and peaceful, and some of the tiny displays in the grass were very beautiful.

img_8897Monday morning we noticed the people who had robbed us of our momentary premium site joy had left. So we squatted and had coffee while watching the waves from site 10.

The water tanks and battery managed just fine for a three day weekend. We think there might be something wrong with the connections for one of the solar panels, as we have not been drawing in as many amps as we should be. It hasn’t actually made too much of a difference, but we do need to get that checked out.

Data same as usual. This time Site 7, then site 11 for one night. For the record, that is a totally fine site.

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