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EHnIJ928SieS46F926yo2gFollowing the events in California this past week, I had one recurring thought: I really wish we had a flat driveway. Power went out for most of the state at varying times and for varying durations in an attempt to prevent fires started by trees blowing into power lines. Without debating the pros and cons of PG&E’s plan, one thing I was thankful for was Dory. While the need did not arise, because we lost power for less than 24 hours total, it was nice to know we had a place to put a couple months’ worth of our daughter’s insulin and have it not go bad. Dory’s fridge will run just fine in the garage, the only downside being the lack of ability to recharge the battery using the solar panels. I knew we could have powered up the generator if need be, and I suppose we could have parked her in the driveway. She would have just been very tippy. Much more fun would have been the option to move in until power was restored. For that, we needed the weekend, but by then the “breezmergency” (a term coined by an awesome fellow teacher), had passed.

oOEoHywdTmqC7tdleJ4ftQWe were pleased to see that camping continues with, or without, power. The Butano State Park ranger in fact told us that the town of Pescadero loses power all the time. So they were generally unfazed and well prepared. Butano is not the place for solar recharging though. This is a deep redwood forest campground. It is mostly populated by tent campers and most of the sites are not too trailer friendly. We’d been in #2 before, but it’s a challenge backing in uphill, avoiding various stumps and trees, all while remaining on the narrow road. I failed the first attempt and ran Bruce’s driver’s side tire into a ditch. It is also not not like you can just pull forward a little and try again. The road in front of site 2 is super steep. So, to come at it again from a better angle, I had to go all the way down the road until I could make an unadvisably tight U-turn. Then, I had to drive all the way back up, past our site, around the campground loop again, and back to the site, hoping my center of the road position would do it. I was prepared to break out the Caravan Mover if necessary, but the second time proved successful.

Hk7Ht4EnSQ2daErPHO0NJAThankfully, we had stopped at the little market in Pescadero, Arcangelli, on our way and had picked up dinner just before they closed at 6. With darkness falling and nerves on edge, a hot pesto chicken sandwich with pasta and potato salads, and olallieberry pie for dessert, really hit the spot.

IMG_3099Saturday began with the usual: a bike ride for Richard and a report for me. There is absolutely no service in the campground, but there is really good wifi down at the Visitor Center. After I’d finished writing, I drove down and used the wifi to pull up some other reports and do some thinking. Richard wasn’t too far away at that point and we met back up at Dory for a change of clothes (for him) before heading back down to Pescadero for lunch.

4qP4VkghTumClP5Gp2pdHQSaturday afternoon was spent poking around the tide pools at Bean Hollow State Park, Pebble Beach until sunset. We saw all kinds of anemones and little hermit crabs. There were seals sunning on rocks and big birds congregating atop white, bird poop covered, outcroppings. The timing for both sunset and low tide coincided, so we got to wander out quite far, taking care not to break legs on the slippery seaweed.

The sunset was beautiful. The plentiful cloud cover turned all kinds of pretty colors after the sun went down and I enjoyed the task of trying to catch the splashes of waves, back lit by the setting sun. One of them came out pretty well.fullsizeoutput_1354

hs%Xu829S0+m3nIHTC5yFQDinner Saturday was at a fifth grade teacher favorite: Duarte’s, in Pescadero. This is the go to place during camp week, and the “half and half” cream of artichoke and green chile soup is the thing to have. It is not on the menu, so don’t bother looking for it.

Sunday we dumped tanks at Half Moon Bay SP while I reminded myself that yes, I really do need to go to the Professional Development Day on Monday. “Are you suuuuuure?” was the question that got repeated all morning, by both of us really. The sign at the kiosk said “campground full” anyway and I didn’t let Richard double check. So we dumped, had some lunch in the day use area, and it was home again home again.

Wonder what next week will bring the Golden State?

Total miles: 76.4, 15.0 mpg, 2 hours 52 min. Site 2, challenging but doable. Very tippy. No hookups, no solar, no service. Good wifi at the Visitor Center. Bathrooms are fine. Crumb clean campground.


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