Wright’s Beach (6)

img_7639So I wasn’t going to actually post about this one. It happened two weeks ago, and for multiple reasons, I wasn’t feeling like writing anything up. However, because of my fake OCD (cause I do realize there are people living with real OCD, and I know that mine is just more like being weirdly stubborn, rather than genuinely impacted), I am going to backtrack and catch up.

Premium Site #5

We referred to this weekend as “Angry Wright’s Beach” because I did not get a premium site this time and our goal was to assess whether I could still enjoy the place, or just sit there, bitterly staring at the people with ocean views. I’ll go ahead and say I was fine. I still got to stand at the beach at sunset on Friday and let the power of the ocean cleanse away the week’s stress. It was still close to our standby dinner place, and it was still the same beautiful drive. So yes, in a pinch, I can be non premium and not be ridiculous about it. Saturday it sprinkled the entire day, so we wouldn’t have been sitting out in our site anyway. I will say that I noticed site 5 was empty all weekend and I did not pursue the idea of moving into it. That’s gotta count for something right?

img_7629The end of the weekend wrapped up with a day’s worth of feeling the fragility of mortality. There was a health related concern that came up, which could have been nothing, or could have been something. WebMD assured me I was definitely dying. Note to self: stop looking at WebMD. We left Sunday with an appointment scheduled that afternoon at urgent care to get it checked out. In the end, it was something that was not a bad something, and not at all life threatening, so that’s all good. But it did give me pause, and for sure knocked out the motivation to write up the weekend.

img_7658The following weekend, we were home for a planned social gathering. I was going to go back and write it up at that point, but then the state of California burned down again, like it does. We had a closer than normal call, with two fires going in our town. Friends and coworkers were evacuated. The power had been turned off the day before. Fire planes and helicopters flew low overhead all day. img_7660We got Dory packed and hitched, ready on the street to go at a moment’s notice if need be. It was a day’s worth of feeling the fragility of home and all the acquired stuff.

Again, it was more of a scare than the serious possibility it could have been. There are lots of Californians facing that right now, and I surely feel for them. I guess it’s just one of those times in life when everything feels quite temporary. I’m working on noticing that, like my mindful friend would say. And I feel gratitude in the mix with all the anxiety. It’s just not the dominant feeling a lot of the time. I’m working on that too, Rita. 🙂

img_7657On a purely practical note, it is awesome to have a 12v fridge and espresso machine available during blackouts. Also, we have an abundance of solar or battery powered light sources. Since this seems to be a regular thing that happens in California, we have started thinking seriously about how to make these events less impactful. And I’ve got to figure out what to do about all the photos. There is just no way I’m going to be able to save all the albums. Ugh. I know as long as I’ve got the family and the kitty, and Dory, we’ll be fine. But I did think a lot about the pictures. Maybe another reason to keep up the blog; at least these pictures won’t get incinerated.

Didn’t take data, but it’s the same as usual. This time site 23, non premium. #survived

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