Bodega Dunes (4)

5ctXuQWiSRSTbHNiwW+FeAWe’re repeating campgrounds for sure. But at least we tried a different loop this weekend. So that’s not entirely boring. And it was a weekend of perfect weather, so even it that is boring, it’s in a good way.

The upper loop at Bodega Dunes has some nice solar sites. We were in #9 and besides the fact that the picnic table area was kind of behind us instead of on the door side, it was a good site. Plenty of space between us and other campers, and enough of a level pad at the top so as not to be too tippy.

omHxB9SdQCqULx%S2Qk5mAWe did our usual things: report, bike ride, dinner at the Mexican place. Plus, we walked down to the beach in the afternoon and caught a sunset after dinner. I spotted a seal in the water, but that was about it, besides the humans.

TOXCCJjORsO6a1d5eqblDQSunday I got the chance to hand out three of my new calling cards as we were packing up. I stole the idea from other Altoistes, who in turn had stolen the idea from someone else. It is the perfect thing for spontaneous tours because it has all of the online addresses for people to get more information. Upon handing out the third card, the person said, “Do you give a lot of tours?” Laughter all around.

H9YLzJZeR1iXtkWUroHNiwAfter dumping, we headed down to the day use area for a quick lunch at the beach. We parked behind the cute T@B we’d noticed in the campground. I haven’t a single regret about not getting one, but I still find them to be very cute little trailers.

On our way home, we witnessed a very near miss accident where some jerk in a truck nearly ran a towed car off the road. You know how those big RVs sometimes tow little cars behind them? We were a couple of cars behind one where two lanes were merging into one. This guy in a big pickup must have thought the towed car was just tailgating the RV and not letting him in. He got more and more insistent about trying to cut between the RV and the towed car.  He must have come within an inch of hitting that car before the RV quickly pulled off to the side of the road to let him pass. It was then he must have realized the situation, plus the fact no one was driving the little car. He did not pass, but instead waved the RV to go ahead. I hope that was a lesson for him on road aggression because it would have been a really embarrassing insurance claim.

Nice weekend, another ocean sunset, short post, all good. Drive safe out there, people!

Total miles: 81.6, 15.4 mpg, 2 hours 33 min. Site 9, no hookups, good solar, good LTE for both of us. Nice bathrooms, good dump.

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