Spring Lake (4)

What a very pretty campground.

Nice chill weekend to follow our return from Spring Break. Richard had a stressful week, with all kinds of adulting and none of it fun. It was a nice easy drive up to Sonoma though and before long, he was shaking it off and regrouping in Dory, like ya do.

Cool looking clouds

For me, Saturdays look like mostly procrastination from classwork until the early afternoon. Then the adrenaline kicks in, and eventually leads to a focused push to get assignments turned in, according to the executive functioned schedule. It rained Friday night and did not clear up until around midday Saturday, so Richard got to procrastinate with me until he eventually went on a “civvy” bike ride around the lake and into town. He had forgotten to pack his blueberries, which is highly unusual and an indication of how badly Friday had been going for him. Happily, Sonoma has blueberries, so the crisis was averted.

California Quail

This park is really pretty. Like it seems unnaturally idyllic. The lake itself is home to a wide variety of birds and is encircled by a multi-use trail that gets a lot of use. There were bikers, walkers, boaters, and groups of all kinds hanging out at the lake. There are playgrounds, and par courses, and little interactive trail signs all around. In the campground, there were families and Boy Scouts, all having a nice time outdoors. It’s a lovely community resource and makes for a very pleasant weekend stay. We did notice that the tenters next to us Friday night bailed after a night of heavy rain. If we had been tenting, we would have done the same. What am I saying? We would not have been tenting.

How much Gochujang will we actually need?

We realized that summer is not all that far off (yay!) and that inspired some planning conversations. Since my December health scare, and subsequent dietary about face, we have been slowly rebuilding our Doryable Blue Apron recipe collection. We have a little over thirty that come in at or under 600 calories and are not too high in sodium. We went through them all and began looking at pantry stocking for long stint traveling. That’s the kind of adulting we enjoy.

Perfectly serene

Other than that, the only notable thing to report is that I mended the classic awning. We’ll see how well that holds up. I did not want to put it up in the rain, so testing will be for another weekend.

Total miles: 69.0, 16.2 mpg, 2 hours 22 min. Site 8. Nice site. A bit of solar through the trees. Nicely spaced from others. Good cell service for both, but better for ATT 5g. Good dump, though oddly located along the campground loop. Trash cans a bit of a trek. Water spigots.

4 thoughts on “Spring Lake (4)

  1. I’m not even going to ask what ‘Gochujang’ is. I can google it myself. Sweet pics and looks like a pleasant place to spend ‘Happy Spring’ e.g., Happy Easter/Happy Passover weekend.

  2. I missed what happened to your awning? Also, any chicken or low-meat recipes to share? The whole Blue Apron thing doesn’t work for me (obviously!) but I could use some inspiration in meal planning these days…

    1. We ripped it by where the pull strap is attached. 🙁 Might have fixed it, but we’ll see. Next time we’re camping together, you should go through my stack. There are so many chicken and low meat recipes. And sea food. I wouldn’t know where to start!

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