Anthony Chabot (5)

I love when it looks like trees are growing out of an Alto.

One more class to go. I got through #2 of 3 this weekend. This is no fun. I want to be done learning anything new, forever and ever. My brain is full and I am tired of writing papers, and making fake staff meeting awareness presentations, and blah blah blahing reflections. I have “this will be so worth it” on repeat in my head, but it is grueling in the meantime. I have procrastinated so hard that I now have all the summer trip Blue Apron recipes pre-entered into LoseIt (calorie tracking app), I have thoroughly cross referenced the pantry lists with the recipe cards, and have previewed all of the Kathy Smith downloads in search of Doryable workouts. I may get next weekend off and that will be awesome because there is literally nothing left to organize.

Beautiful drive, so close to home. Really, it’s the best way to have to get through work.

Meanwhile, we are going to campgrounds we have visited lots of times, and ones that have excellent cell service. That is designed to minimize resentment and remove excuses. Richard is having fun going on rides and hikes while I intensely procrastinate until the early afternoon. Then I pull myself together and lock in for three or four hours until it is time to make dinner.

You can’t tell, but this is super steep.

This weekend we were at Anthony Chabot. I have nothing new to report, unless you want to know about child mental health issues and the top ten facts for the top ten disorders. I could show you a presentation about it. Richard enjoyed going down a very steep trail. I was ok letting him do that because I remembered how steep it was, and that it was a Grand Canyon hike. He tried to take a picture of the steepness, but for those to work, you need points of reference, so it just looks like pretty trees.

Way to work it, dude!

There was a group of wandering turkeys in the campground, with the males putting on quite the show while relentlessly following the females around. And there was a gopher in our site that entertained me. That’s all I got.

Well hello there.

Oh! I actually did a hand weight workout in Dory and now I remember what a tricep feels like. Ouch. It will get better. I also proved to myself that I cannot do a push up or a plank in the tiny hall space. I’m not sure I could do either of those in any space. It’s all about establishing baselines to compare improvement.

One more to go before I’m free. It is called “The Dynamics of Conflict,” which sounds like a very appropriate final course.

Total miles: 14.2, 14.6 mpg, 57 min. Site 5 full hookups. Nice site. Pull through, spaced away from others, some solar. Excellent ATT, pretty good Verizon. Good dump station, free. Gate closes at 10 pm and is 2 miles away from campground.

4 thoughts on “Anthony Chabot (5)

  1. Alissa, I’m the same way with AM vs PM activities. I can’t get my act together most mornings until about 1pm. Then my brain really kicks in and I get a lot done (whatever the ‘a lot’ is). FYI, Louise Penny has a new book out called, ‘The Madness of Crowds’. Just like her prior works, it’s very good with a more intricate story line than other books, I think. Library book. You introduced me to Penny’s works. Thanks!

    1. Oh!! I did not realize her new book was out. Thank you! I will check that out and try not to use that to procrastinate my last class.

  2. You’re kind of almost inspiring me to get regular with my arm and leg workouts. Planks used to be part of my morning routine, I start with 20 seconds (I do forearms and toes, not hands and toes) and work my way up from there. Keep swimming, I mean, keep going, you’re doing great!

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