San Luis Creek (2)

San Luis Creek – first stopover of Spring Break

Finally! We are out on the road for an extended time. It’s been a long haul without real road trips and this will be Lola’s first long trip with us. Already I can tell you her 4.3 cu ft fridge is winning. We have 5 Blue Apron dinners and 4 frozen dinners, plus 9 days of general food, packed in tight and it all fits. I’m super happy about that. That means that we really don’t need to carry a small cooler or deal with rotating ice packs to keep extra veggies fresh. Funny story about the veggies: as we were leaving, I texted our daughter to say, “Please eat extra veggies.” When she didn’t reply (that usually means she’s annoyed) I realized how that might have sounded, so I clarified: “We bought too much broccoli, green beans, and celery. Please help yourself to those if you are so inclined.” She responded back that she was glad I was not insinuating she needed to get much much healthier. Texting is hard.

Sliding Table Mod

So far, the table slides mod is holding up quite well so I think this may be a keeper. It sure does make it easy to get up and down from my side of the table. We put a couple of baby latches on it to keep in place during travel, thinking we would find a more elegant solution later. But actually, that may be perfectly elegant enough for the likes of us.

Now those are organized shoes (and new binoculars in between)

We finished off some small projects before we left, including redoing the shoe organization. I don’t know why I did not think of the storage nets sooner. They are perfect for shoes and sandals, much better than “shoe organizer” pockets. Those never seem to be large enough for adult sized shoes. We will be going with this solution for Dory2 as well.

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

I got myself a little pre-birthday present too! I love my Nemo Stargazer chair, but the one I got years ago was a floor model and sometimes my butt brushes against the lower crossbar in a way that is not optimally pleasant. But they are conspicuously pricey, so I have not done anything about that. Then I got a very generous gift certificate to REI last xmas and I almost got a new one at the time. I would have purchased one, except the “blue” they had was very subtle light blue trim, hardly worth it. When I looked again to re-ponder, what should I behold but a shocking, psychedelic blue with a reengineered crossbar, designed to avoid butts. Add to cart! Yay.

We’re going to do a couple of one night stands as we track down south. Our original (do-over from Covid cancellations) plans to go to Grand Canyon were put on hold again because temperatures looked to be well below freezing the whole week. For that, we’d need to winterize the water system and that’s when camping stops being fun. We’ll get there some day…

Getting ready for In Person Learning Center!

For now, I’m just thrilled to be on break. It has been such an exhausting year. After we get back, our district gets to open to all students at the same time, given the new guidelines on three feet, rather than six feet, distancing for kids. This means I will, at long last, get to see kiddos in the Learning Center in person! And I can *almost* get rid of Zoom teaching entirely. We are all so done with it. We’ve taped out zones to keep me away from them at six feet, and them away from each other at four feet. It will be wonderful. But…. I really need this break. We all do.

Our first stopover is at San Luis Creek. Water views always win. From here, we make tracks for the desert. So fun to be on the road for a week!!

Total Miles: 105.1, 17.3 mpg, 2 hours 42 min. Site 15 hookups. NO Verizon, good LTE for ATT. Good dump but didn’t use it. Fairly good solar except in morning from trees. Double site with 14. Water views.

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