Folsom Lake (2)

IMG_9854For being so close to Sacramento, Folsom Lake is a surprisingly pleasant destination. Last time we came, I had a head cold and just stayed in Dory being sniffly. We were also in the depths of the drought and there was no lake to be seen. This time around, I got to go for a nice dip while Richard clocked 50+ miles on his bike.

Dinner for both nights was a quick Trader Joes meal in a bag, heated up in a nonstick Magma pan and paired with half baked rolls. I had some reports to write, so I knew easy would be the way to go. IMG_9855Saturday I got “Squirt” out on the lake and just leisurely paddled around for a couple of hours before getting to work. The site we got was, I think, the nicest in the campground. There was plenty of room between us and anyone else. You have to be kind of careful in this park because if you don’t get one of the three or four sites closer to the water, you’re going to be looking at a road full of cars. You also can’t see the lake from any site because there is a huge berm between you and the water. It is close to the bike trail that runs along the American River, all the way to Sacramento, and (when there is water) the day use area is nice for boating and swimming. The bathrooms are nicely done and very clean, and our site was perfectly level with full hookups. This meant we got to live it up with showering and run the AC even though it wasn’t all that hot. The sewer connection was at the perfect location and low down so we got full dumps. It’s those little things that make all the difference.

IMG_9733I sleep very soundly in Dory. Lately, our adopted cat has taken to sleeping adorably curled up on my legs at home. Thing is, I’m 50+ and periodically become a super efficient heat generator at night, so this makes for awkward sleeping. I’ve tried moving her or taking up my half of the bed before she comes in the room, but then she does her kneading and purring thing and puts her tiny fuzzy cheek on mine and I just surrender and make room for wherever she wants to be. And then don’t sleep. So weekends out are now an important part of catching up. Besides the fact that I think she’d hate it, that makes for one more reason not to take her out with us. She does like napping in Dory in the garage though, so we have to be careful not to make her an accidental camping cat.

Nice weekend, nice site. I can’t say this place is terribly remote or super nature like, but it does the trick and has a lot of conveniences that make for an easy outing.

Total miles: 99.7, 3 hours 2 min, 17.7 mpg. Site 53. I think I would only go here if I could get sites 52, 53, or 54. Maybe 50 or 51. But 53 was the nicest. LTE for both of us, full hookups, nice facilities.

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