Brannan Island (3)

IMG_9838This was a glorious, lazy, uneventful weekend. Did not boat or hike or do much of anything really. Richard went on a bike ride, I got caught up on backlogged things. Slept in. All good.

Richard did change out a tire on Dory during the week because, last weekend, we noticed a little flap of tread had peeled away. That made the trip back from Costanoa extra exciting. Having seen some photos of what trailer tire blowouts can look like, I was primed and ready every inch of the drive home. I have good intel on the relative widths of all the highway shoulders between here and there, in case you’re interested. We made it all the way back without incident, which was great, because it turns out it’s really hard to change a trailer tire and not something that sounds fun to do on the side of the road. Even given the fact that I have done 100% of the driving since we got Dory, I’d say we’re even now. Richard did the whole tire change and his shoulders hurt a lot for several days afterwards.

IMG_9845But as for the weekend, nothing too exciting to report. This is an easy, pleasant, and super close location for weekends out. We need to try out the non hookup sites some time when it’s not hot.

Total miles: 39.1, 1 hour 28 min, 18.2 mpg. Site 109. Non hookup sites that looked nice: 38, 31*, 90, 87, 80, 78, 75*. LTE for both of us.



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