Viento SP

IMG_9273Full day today! Richard woke up just like it was any other work day and hopped on his laptop. Meanwhile, I blogged, showered, and messed around until we were ready to hit the road around noon. By 2:30, we’d gotten to Troutsdale on the Columbia River. This place is all about the Lewis and Clark Trail and the town itself looked very historic and fun. From the Visitors Center, Richard got his bike off the rack and headed out for an epic ride along the Columbia River Gorge. Happily, I got to drive it.

IMG_9259I had not fully remembered how beautiful this place was, having driven through nearly thirty years ago. It’s an E Ticket ride, as Richard put it. I stopped along the way at the Bonneville Dam, drawn in by signs saying there was public access. There is, in fact, quite the Visitor Center going on there! They not only had your requisite informational displays, but also a viewing area where you could see under the water where the Salmon and Lampreys swim en masse against the current. Outside, you can see the “Fish Ladders” built specifically to support the local fish population. This was a side trip well worth it!

IMG_9274It was a short drive then for me to arrive at the campground and get everything set up. I must say, I am very used to our hitching/unhitching routine. Like I can totally do it by myself, but I get thrown. For example, removing the passenger side sway bar is Richard’s job, while the driver’s side one is mine. So it’s like I have to think it through when I undo his bar. I got to hang out by the windy river bank for a while until he finally rolled in around 7. I had dinner all ready for him, so now all his work buddies kind of hate him for what a great life he had today.

IMG_1572Sounds like his ride was amazing and he saw many waterfalls I missed from Highway 84.

Tomorrow we continue along the second half. One thing I gotta say about Oregon State Parks: they allow you to reserve the day before. That is very handy. I got a place further along for tomorrow, so all is relaxing for tonight. Great day.

Total miles: 143.3, 16.8 mpg, 3 hours 34 min. (not sure why I’m still noting these stats except that it has become an OCD thing that now I have to do)

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