Albany KOA

IMG_9211If I had musical talent, I would write a ballad of appreciation to KOAs. These places may not be scenic, or private, or remote. But they have full hookups, laundry, and almost always an available site. The wifi at this particular KOA is amazing. You should come here just to experience how fast it is. Ok, maybe not. But you get my drift: we are happy, connected campers.

IMG_9216We headed out from Crater Lake, down one contact lens, and needed to get back to reliable cell service for Richard’s work, so we headed (slowly) back to I5. On our way, we stopped at Diamond Lake to fill up on gas (expensive!) and I would love to stay at that place some time. There is a beautiful campground with sites right near the water. However, we moved along and got a good recommendation to stop at Clearwater Falls on Highway 138. Here, I got myself into a pickle and came out a towing Ninja. When we pulled in to the picnic area, the little side road for 25′ RVs was closed. There was no one else there, so I continued to the regular parking lot. It was getting tight, but at the end was enough of a paved parking area that I was pretty sure I could turn around. I pulled in to the spaces on the right hand side, with more spaces across from me. Again, NO ONE there. Just as I was putting the car in park, another car came and parked across from us. Hmm. No problem, we’ll just wait for them to leave before trying the turn around. Then we walked like 50′ to the waterfall and five more cars showed up. People were understandably irritated with me because I’d taken up five spaces and made parking across the way more difficult. And now I wasn’t sure I could even get out. Stressful. However, with about four, super slow, back and forths, I got turned around and out! Gotta say, that was Pro Level trailer backing right there. I have no idea exactly what I did, so I’d rather not repeat it, but I was fairly pleased with myself.

Highway 138 by the way, is lousy with beauty and waterfalls and river views. That was a fun drive.

Eventually we emerged back onto I5 and pulled into the KOA around 4. In the meantime, Richard had arranged with a local optometrist to have his prescription sent over and he was able to go pick up a new contact. I was as impressed with his ability to get things done as he was with my backing prowess. Once at the KOA, we did “replenish” things and he buckled in to get some serious work stuff done. Good stop all around.

Oh yeah, we finished watching “Lost”. What the heck??

Total miles from Crater Lake: 234.0, 18.6 mpg, 5 hours 47 min.

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