Rawlins to Lincoln

Half way point. This is fun! 😀

I didn’t take a lot of pictures today because it was much the same scenery the whole way. This country is my roots. Have you ever noticed when you look at something deeply familiar, how your eyes sort of relax? Like, your brain recognizes the input and sends yes, yes, this is right signals. That’s how I feel about Nebraska. It’s a lot of flat, open space, but there is something about the colors or the occasional bluffs, I don’t know, but it makes my brain feel at home.

I was thinking about family a lot today and was tempted many times to take a little side step just north to Scottsbluff. I knew though that I would lose time on the detour and would not have any time to really say hello. I’ll save that for the return trip and make it a real visit.  In the meantime, I waved vigorously and I assume my loved ones felt it and looked my way.

It appears Nebraska has decided to rip up and redo it’s entire interstate system. Not sure how I’ll feel about that when towing a trailer, but I saw plenty of others towing much larger rigs than Dory.

IMG_3958Every morning I send Richard a text with a picture of the bikes, so he knows they are ok (I assume he is equally pleased to know that I am ok). This was this morning’s photo. The bike cover (not shown here) is great and very sturdy, but we are working on our relationship. It is fairly complicated to get on and off and just figuring out which side goes where takes a while. It is made to be used while driving, but smart people pointed out that this would equate to putting a sail on the back of my car. Which didn’t sound like a great idea. So I just put it on at night.

IMG_3960 IMG_3961

Wyoming rest stops are actually quite nice. I got a couple of shots of some of the wind turbines. Note in the second shot an example of: if they can get through the road construction, so can I.

IMG_3963 IMG_3964

More scenery shots, now in Nebraska…

IMG_3966 IMG_3967 IMG_3968 IMG_3969

IMG_3970Jay Bro’s. This was an interesting place. Sorry, I forgot to turn around and take a shot of the front because I’m playing a detective game of: where am I? with a friend. I found it because I am staying well hydrated on this trip and found myself once again needing to pee. I took the next random exit that seemed to have a gas station and pulled into this place. Anyway, it is your typical gas and market truck stop along the highway, just like all the others. But this one is owned and run by an Indian family and there is also a restaurant inside. I was looking for something to grab to eat on the road and when the nice lady in traditional Indian clothing said they had samosas, I admit, my first thought was: “Is this a good idea?” I can’t say I’ve ever had Indian food in Nebraska, but it was being offered by what looked like a good source. And in fact, I can happily report those were some damn good chicken samosas and I would make it a point of stopping there in the future. Here’s info about them:



And this is the Platte River Road Archway. Quite the spectacle on an otherwise pretty monotonous stretch of highway. I did not know the backstory on this, but apparently for many years after it was built as a tourist attraction, there was no exit to get to it. I didn’t stop here, but am curious to maybe take the now present exit on the way back.

IMG_3974So that was pretty much my day. Finished the Gamache novel (yikes! Jean Guy is in serious trouble!), and made it a little farther than planned. There are definitely things I am looking forward to when we get our Alto. First, and most obviously, I will be with my sweetie. Next, our own sheets. Next, not having to wonder what is the possible grossness on the floor, or if I do, being able to be reasonably certain that I put it there. Also, not having to worry that I have left something behind.

Total miles for the day: 586.3, Total engine time: 8 hours, 50 min

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  1. Love Louise Penny! I’m not-so-patiently waiting for the next up in the series, to be issued in August as an audio book. So glad to hear you’re a fan, too. Also enjoying your chronicles — keep the updates coming and stay safe along the way!

  2. And just think you’ll be hauling your bathroom with you for those times when staying hydrated requires one.

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