Elko to Rawlins

Long, uneventful day. Made it to the planned destination and was ready to stop driving when I got there. I’m definitely “in the groove” of road tripping now, which is good, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to spend this whole time feeling anxious. As I was leaving home, I felt an enormously strong pull, like a huge invisible bungee cord, telling me I should turn around right now and come home. As I got over the mountains, I could feel it starting to strain. Somewhere in Utah, I could almost feel a quiet, barely perceptible little snap.

It’s been a long time since I’ve ventured outside my comfort zone and away from my family. This is a “good for me” kind of thing to do.

Crossed through the long flat stretch of Nevada and the salt flats in Utah. Once you start climbing into the mountains, all the colors seem brighter and the air seems clearer. Definitely pretty country.

Spent most of the day listening to an audio version of an Armand Gamache mystery novel (by Louise Penny). I highly recommend the series. It has been especially fun since it is set in Quebec and I’m getting to learn about the region a bit.

Here are some random shots out my window from the day’s travels:

IMG_3942 IMG_3943 IMG_3945 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3953 IMG_3954 IMG_3957

Total miles for the day: 528.1, Total engine time: 8 hours, 12 min

3 thoughts on “Elko to Rawlins

  1. Just finish reading your last post and I can understand this irruption of anxiety that make you think to go back home. I had felt that many times and I realy know is not fun. Since this year, when I feel that, I just repete to me that I am exactly at the place I wanted to be, and that help me a lot. Since human is social animal, it is difficult to be alone, but your are with someone you can trust :YOU. It is verry nice to follow you on the road. Waiting your next post.

  2. I have such a love affair with Armand Gamache and Quebec as a result. I started reading and listening to it a few years ago. As places were mentioned, I would look them up and learned so much fascinating Canadian history. We ended up taking a vacation to Montreal and Quebec- a few months BEFORE I discovered Safari Condo. We rented a house on Lac Brome, which is Louise Penny´s inspiration for Three Pines, and visited some of the other sites that had inspired parts of the books, like the English Library in Quebec City. It was a fabulous adventure. Gamache has such an intelligent integrity that is linked in my mind with the area, and also I think to my ideas of our one-day-to-be-ours Alto.

    1. Oh, you are going to fully enjoy your pick up adventure! Gamache and the Alto go together perfectly, for exactly the reasons you mention. 🙂

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