Brannan Island (8)

Site 75 has lots of nice space around it with no other campers. No water view unless you cross the bike path.

Nice easy, quiet weekend in a nearby go to location. We knew it was going to get up into the 90s this weekend, which makes Richard very happy. I looked forward to getting on the water during the hottest hours.

Cleaner installation than previously achieved

I upped my game in two hot weather categories: Aluminet hanging, and Margarita making. The Aluminet is something that I seem to struggle with every time I put it up, and have never arrived at a satisfying system that goes on the same way every time. So I did that and I’m happy with it. It requires at least two keder rail stoppers to keep the big 2-ply sheet from sliding back and forth. I happen to have made my own years back and those turned out to be the perfect thing to also attach the extra front and rear pieces using a carabiner. The bottom corners get held in place by bungees secured on the bumper or on the front stabilizers. Aluminet is a game changer when it comes to deflecting heat and our little thermometer said it didn’t get hotter than 92º inside, even though it was 96º outside. Nice.

Damn fine margarita

The margarita project was necessitated due to the lack of availability on my favorite mix. I’ve been stocking Laughing Glass mix for years because it tastes good, is made from natural ingredients, and is lower calorie than your standard mix. Thing is, you can’t get it on the road. Other thing is, it goes out of stock frequently. So, knowing this would be a perfect margarita weekend, I put in some time finding a reliable recipe, and an easy to clean lime squeezer. The result was excellent. I no longer need to have margarita anxiety because all of the ingredients are easy to obtain.

Waving from land

Besides that, it was a low key, lazy weekend. Richard did his usual Delta Loop ride, and I did a paddle. All lovely. Richard notes that the roads in this area are in horrible condition. It’s nicely low in traffic, however, so that balances it. Then it was chill time under the awning and grill time for dinner. I made Sheet Pan Fig-Dijon Pork with Balsamic Potatoes and Asparagus. Watched a couple of silly movies (“Meg 2, The Trench” and “Blue Beetle”) and generally did nothing productive. All good.

Always nice to get grilling weather

Next weekend is planned for staying home. Looking forward to catching up with the neighbors we see more online than we do in person.

Total miles: 35.3, 14.9 mpg, 1 hour 38 min. Site 75 no hookups. Good solar with afternoon shade. Excellent cell for ATT, but not as good for Verizon. Good dump. Boat launch $8 with camping.

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