Putah Canyon (4)

Shade, with direct view of the lake

It is always good to get out. Lately, it has not been easy to get down our driveway because the Caravan Mover on the driver’s side does not want to fully engage. We have adjusted it using a big T wrench tool thingy so many times, that the nut has become stripped. Now we use a 7mm socket that sort of works, except then it gets stuck on the nut and has to be pulled out with pliers. And now there is rebar sitting in our driveway, from the still unfinished outside landscaping project, that we also have to get past. But we struggle through the launch, weekend after weekend, during the last five feet of the maneuver that gets us off our driveway and onto the street. We’ve got ramps, and gutter fillers, and a winch, and the caravan movers that we patiently engage and disengage, maybe ten times, before they finally move fully into position. Once down, everything works just fine. But this process has become frustratingly more time consuming, and it takes all we’ve got on a Friday afternoon to keep it together so we can just get rolling. By Sunday, we are cleansed of the week’s worth of piled on stress, and we are likely to forget about it. We have reminders to call the manufacturer to see what the hell can be done, but then the week gets away from us both and there we are again on Friday.

Reflection is a wonderful thing

Even so, once we’re en route, it is like our weekly therapy session. Sometimes we have a lot to process, and sometimes we just get to unhook. But whatever happens, we always always always come back better. This week was no different. We acknowledged that we’re both so so done with the unfinished outdoor project. The frustration with the contractors is deep and intense. Yelling at them does no good. We’re on a spending freeze until we get the debt under control, so the whole “add to cart” retail therapy strategy is unavailable. Plus, since I’m going to be counting calories forever, there is no binging away the blues. Somehow, the magic of Dory time still does the trick.

Quick trip over to Lake Henessey

Lake Berryessa is the perfect place for a weekend of fun in the sun, or lying around just being lazy. We did a little of both. Richard rode out to Lake Henessey and I met him there with the car. Richard wants to remember that the roads out that way are in pretty bad shape. It’s a nice drive through rolling hills and wooded valleys. There are still lots of standing burned trees from the big fire, but there is also new growth. The lakes are still looking good and high, even at the tail end of summer. And there are vineyards along the way, supplying lovely grapes to nearby Napa Valley wineries. Blue skies and hot weather made for a lovely day.

Somewhere along Chiles Pope Valley Rd (the valley waves hi to Mark and Gaye)

We stopped on our way back at the Turtle Rock Bar & Cafe. This is a funky little place where they have pinned hundreds of signed dollar bills to the ceiling and walls. They’ve got a few groceries and hot food to order. It’s a favorite stop for bikers.

That’s a lot of dollars!

Once back at the campground, I weighed whether or not I wanted to get my boat in the water. Last time I used it, I noticed there was a slow deflation in the main tubing. It wasn’t enough to put me in danger of sinking, but it was enough to make me think about the possibility of sinking. So if I were going to go out, I’d need to either find the leak and repair it, or stay pretty close to shore. Anyway, apathy won out and I chilled out in my Nemo chair while watching others in the water instead. That was quite nice.

Perfect dinner for hot weather

Dinner was a Blue Apron lettuce cups recipe, with turkey, mushrooms, and bell pepper. It’s a make your own adventure dinner, where you get to assemble the cups and top with a delicious sesame-sambal sauce, and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Then it was shows and bed, with the critical dongle in its proper place.

Sun going down on another perfect day

Once again we return rejuvenated after another successful therapy session. We can only hope that our metaphorical boats are pumped up enough, and the leaks slow enough, that we make it through the week for the next round without sinking.

Total miles: 68.5, 17.5 mpg, 2 hours 19 min. Site 98 no hookups. Great solar, excellent cell. Good dump but $25 fee. Boat launch, but no easy way to get down to the water with a kayak from any of the sites.

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  1. So happy you and Richard were able to get away from the stress! So many great memories of that place! Still beautiful and so glad it’s starting to heal. We miss it…🥲

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