Doran Beach (10)

Site 76 has a private little sandy path to the lagoon.

Super chill weekend for us at a favorite location. No hurricanes, no earthquakes, just fog and romantic walks on beaches. Hoping everyone in Southern California is ok and not washing away. The deserts are getting doused right now.

Heron on the hunt

Nothing much to report on this end. We will finally be taking a rest weekend next week so that we can clean all the things. I did some more recipe pantry rearranging and made a Blue Apron to use up the Romesco that didn’t get touched over the summer. The Romesco Chicken & Poblano Pepper with Currant Couscous was so good that it put Romesco sauce right back in the required pantry items. It’s not that easy to find, but it sure is good.

Lots of driftwood about

Another thing that is good is Wild Flour Bread. I met Richard out there so that I too could enjoy the sconey goodness. We split a nectarine, raspberry, chocolate chip and a Meyer lemon, mango, raspberry. They were exquisite.

Going down the Shorttail Gulch trail to the beach

In order to have earned those calories, we did the Pinnacle Gulch beach trail loop. This time we went clockwise, going down the steep part of the Shorttail Gulch trail, and then back up the gentler climb on the Pinnacle Gulch trail. We liked that. It wasn’t low tide, so the tide pools were hidden from view. We had to take the high road along the beach at times, and eventually got stopped by a rock outcropping. There was a couple just going right into the water and they disappeared through a natural tunnel in the rock. When they reappeared, they said the water got deeper on the other side, so I’m not sure that could ever be a dry way of walking the whole beach. We were content to stop there.

Cool tunnel

That’s it. Just a nice fun weekend. Sorry, boring is good sometimes and I’m appreciating the very boring weather. Hang on tight SoCal!

Total miles: 77.1, 16.4 mpg, 2 hours 32 min. Site 76 no hookups. 5g for both. Great solar. Adequate dump, but waited in line for an hour. $7 paid at the kiosk.

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