River West Resort – Reno

She looks cute all tucked in next to the big rigs.

Getting close! Travel between Austin, NV and Reno is less scenic than the eastern stretch, even along 50. It is still preferable over highway 80, but the long flats are longer and flatter. The Mormon Crickets seem to have dissipated and the salt flats have picked up. There is one last range before falling into the Reno/Sparks valley, and then you hit the Sierra Nevada range.

Salt Flats approaching Fallon, NV

We cancelled plans at Donner Lake in favor of an overnight stay in Reno to coincide with the Honda Passport service. If you need a service in Reno, I can recommend Bill Pearce Honda. They were fast, efficient, and there were no unexpected charges. They also have a nice waiting room with wifi. Bruce2 checks out in full health and topped up fluids, but will need a thorough cleaning when we get home. I guess we’ll have to take off the roof box to do that.

Check up all good! And no more warning light telling me service is due soon.

I was super surprised to find the casino RV places up the road in Verdi all full. I later realized that this was likely due to the Hot August Nights event downtown. We had no idea this was a thing, but we’re glad we accidentally hit the timing right to see it.

Reno is a fun place for little big city stuff.

We had to do some last minute calling to get a place, but found the River West Resort through our Allstays app. They had a couple of free sites with full hookups right downtown. We lucked out here because it would have been horribly difficult to unhitch and deal with Dory at the Honda service center. Instead, we got to leave her in a safe place while I waited for the scheduled service and Richard biked around Reno. The staff there is super friendly and happy to accommodate us on short notice. Honestly, I’d stay there again. It’s mostly a place for huge full time or long term RVs, but they have a row near the entrance for short term stays. Full hookups, great cell service, that’s more than enough for us. It’s not cheap, but that was ok for a night.

Truckee River running right by the RV park

When I returned to Dory in the afternoon, something scary happened. I had just walked inside Dory and saw a woman across the way waving in my direction. I thought she might have been waving to a family member or something, but her face looked worried. Then I saw her go down onto the ground and into a fetal position. I immediately went to her to ask if she was ok and she was clearly not. She was trembling all over and said she couldn’t feel her hands. She had called 911 and had her husband on the phone with her. She came outside her RV to wait for paramedics and wanted someone to just be with her until they got there. That poor woman. I could so relate to what she was going through and just tried to keep her calm and conscious. Shortly, an ambulance arrived and she said she was ok then, so I left her in their capable hands. Her husband returned later with their two kids and they did not end up taking her to the hospital. From talking to her later, it sounds like this may have been a case of dehydration combined with a classic panic attack. Could be elevation played a part too. She’s ok, but oh lordy how scary for her. They are just starting out on a one year traveling adventure across the country with their two kids. She is going to homeschool them while they go to national parks, visit family, and live the dream for a full year. I would be having a panic attack too. Here’s the really sweet part: the next morning, she came by to drop off a sun catcher as a thank you gift to me for being with her when she was so vulnerable. I swear, I will treasure this thing for the rest of my life. This is such a beautiful reminder of what it is to go out on long adventures. It is scary, and risky, and you never know what is coming your way from day to day. You feel very fragile and out there all alone, so far from home. But here’s the thing: people want to help you. People get what it feels like to be in trouble and we’ve all been there. What I did to help her reminds me of all the angels who have helped me when I needed it. I will always remember their kindness and she will always remember mine. That is the beautiful part of leaping into these adventures. So Janelle, if you ever find this blog and see yourself here, I will be thinking of you. You are brave, and you are strong, and you can do this.

Bike ride above 80 with Prime trucks bringing eagerly anticipated deliveries over the Sierras.

After all of the excitement, Richard returned and we were ready for dinner. We ate out at a place called Moo Dang and it was very good. They had a big TV screen on the wall, showing images of the food, so I guess you could get a preview of what you were ordering. After dinner, we hit the Patagonia outlet downtown and I got a happy purchase. I have now sized down from all of the clothes I own, which is a wonderful thing, but also expensive for some of the nicer items. One such item is a Patagonia fleece, which I was able to score in a smaller size for 30% off. Sweeeet!

Casinos galore!

Then we just walked through the closed off downtown area to check out Hot August Nights. There was a vintage car parade at 7 so we had to kill time until then. We checked out a couple of casinos, did not play anything, and got frozen yogurt. All super fun and not at all what we’re used to.

Incredibly impressive work on display

The parade was a blast. Now we understood why all the RV places were full up and why we had been seeing so many classic cars around town. There were lots and lots of California plates, and in fact, we saw tons of these crossing the sierras with us on 80 the next day. Some of these old timers were being towed, but some hauled their own selves up and over. There were all kinds of cars, from very old looking ones, to jazzed up 70s cars. I guess the 70s is now a “vintage” era, which is sobering. I wonder, if I’d kept “Frodo,” my 78 Honda Civic, would I have been allowed to drive him in the parade?? Probably not. These cars were mostly super fancy looking. It was obvious how much care and attention, and money, goes into this hobby. The drivers sure looked like they were having fun. Super time!

Have an amazing adventure, Janelle!

As I write this, we are in our last place of the summer, back in California. I’ll save the post trip reflections for the last post, but my big takeaway from this one is about finding angels when you’re far from home. Eternal thanks to all the people out there giving kindness and help when we go down.

Total miles from Bob Scott: 180.2, 19.7 mpg, 4 hours 5 min. Site 201 full hookups. Excellent cell. Dump in our site too high, but one next to us was good and we were allowed to back in. Nice friendly hosts. Safe place close to downtown. View of Truckee River.

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