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Right over there, it’s raining.

Usually by the end of long summer trips, we hone in on the things that went well and the things that did not. Sometimes we decide we need to get stuff or get rid of stuff, and sometimes we develop new guidelines that seem to make traveling go better. Besides the obvious new rule of always having Richard spot me as I pull out of a site, we seem to do better as “2/2/2” people. This is a common traveling guideline and it stands for: 200 miles/arrive by 2/spend 2 nights. If we follow this, we have more flexibility to work around weather. There will of course be exceptions to the rule (would we ever really want to stay 2 nights in Rock Springs?), but generally, when we can do this, it will likely work well. On this particular travel day, we couldn’t do the 2 night stay because we have a homecoming deadline, but we did make it so it was under 200 miles and we did arrive by 2. Still, the weather messed us up, in combination with a strict no check in before 3pm park policy.

Excellent chocolate soft serve

Hitting the road early, we obviously had to stop at Little America to get a soft serve. No choice there. But we pretty much did not stop again before we got there, thus beating a big storm front we knew was going to pass through the area. As we pulled up to check in, the skies were mostly blue. But the nice rule following person at the kiosk said that since people have been pushing the check in time earlier and earlier, the park had to get strict about it. We were welcome to park in the day use area for an hour and then go to our site.

2pm and blue skies

Well, ok. Richard took a work call and I relaxed and looked at the large reservoir. As soon as it was time, we got set up so Richard could go do a bike ride through the town of Wallsburg. Frustratingly, another storm was just starting to pass through at that point. I sort of pushed him out the door and toward the area of the ride where the sky looked kind of clear. He tried, he really tried, and he got about three miles of a ride, with me sagging closely, before it became a steady downpour. He was annoyed.

Here he is thinking he’ll get under the storm.

Temporarily defeated, we went back to Dory as it came down outside. After an indoor pan dinner, the skies cleared again, and again, I pushed him out the door to at least do a hike around the park. I invited myself along and we found a little trail that skirted a pretty bay. The water was smooth and lovely, its surface broken from time to time by jumping fish. The tall mountains shooting up around the reservoir were crowned by thick puffy clouds. Off in the distance, the more serious part of the storm raged. We were able to squeeze in a three or so mile hike, enough to brighten the spirits.

Saved the day with a nice bayside hike

We have looked back on previous summer blog posts, only to notice weather being a continual theme. It has been this summer too. So that’s the thing. Traveling=weather. Weather will get worse rather than better. Thus, hence, therefore, we better figure out how to up our weather game. One thing that could help is the 2/2/2 rule.

Dramatic mountains all along the western bank

Anyway, this park was really nice, despite the check in rules. The sites were nice and had full services in full view of the reservoir. The location cannot be beat in terms of scenic backgrounds in a convenient location off highway 189. And the detour off 80 introduced me to a much better way to bypass Salt Lake City traffic. All in all, a good stay.

Total miles from Rock Springs: 177.7, 18.8 mpg, 3 hours 52 min. Site 5, full hookups. Great cell for both. Pretty good sewer right at the site. Shade shelter over picnic table. Boat launch. Strict check in time at 3pm.

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  1. I had to chuckle at the Rock Springs comment because it was sooo true. The picture are excellent today must have been the lighting. I’ve really enjoyed following your travels this summer, thanks.

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