Indian Creek

Really sweet site, overlooking the Missouri River

I’m catching up on the last couple of stops and have already forgotten much. What I can say about Indian Creek was that the campground was very nice and the site I snagged was lovely.

Oh dear

On our way, we played dodge ball with big ominous weather fronts, but managed to not actually go through anything major. We did, however, go through a major patch of mud. It looked like there were parts of the roads that were low and bordered by small lakes. There were trucks working the roads, and they were likely there to scoop mud off the roadway. There work was not yet complete, and both Bruce and Dory got nailed. The mud and grit was thick and clumpy, to the point that I did not want to just let it sit there and bake on.

There we go. All clean!

Luckily, I carry Dory washing tools, so while Richard went out on a bike ride, I walked back and forth with buckets of water from the bathroom so that I could get Dory presentable again.

Good potential for boating

Between the biking and the washing, we got into dinner time. I ended up cooking up and eating half a pan dinner, which Richard finished when he finally pulled in. It got me thinking we need some better emergency-I-don’t-want-to-cook-dinner options. Still thinking about that…

Chalk this one up to: Good to know there’s a nice place in that area.

Overall, this would have been a really nice place in different circumstances. It’s a shame really that we were just blowing through there, and that we arrived soiled. For future reference, there is a long bike ride in that area that Richard would some day like to do. I’d appreciate a do over there and maybe not spend my time with a mud rag and bucket. Nice place.

Total miles from Buffalo River: 291.6, 16.7 mpg, 6 hours 18 min. Site 4 electric hookups. Didn’t see water spigots but can get water at bathroom. Service good for both. Good dump. Potable water.

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