Brimley SP (2)

Happily, the site they gave us had a drain, so there wasn’t a huge puddle underneath.

Back in the U.S.! Our super flexible weather day began in Chutes with an all day forecast of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Once the predictions changed to just light rain, we hit the road and ended up with maybe ten minutes of anything almost the whole way. It was a nothing burger. That is, until we got to Sault St. Marie and the border crossing.

Richard managed to take this picture while panicking, so he gets major Sweetie Points for that.

All of the weather hit us there, and it hit hard. Luckily, we were done with highway speeds at that point. Still, the rain was coming down so thick, I could barely see in front of me. I was able to slowly slowly make our way to the bridge that constitutes the international border. Richard was not a happy camper crossing that bridge in a deluge. Almost as if to welcome us back to the states, the rain noticeably tapered off so that by the time we got to customs on the other side, it was just normal rain.

Hey! There’s another Alto! We must be in the right lane. Oh wait…

I had to quickly select the right lane to be in and saw another Alto over to my right. I instinctively steered toward them, but then realized they had no plates and might be going through the trucking lane, which is what you do the first time you take your Alto across the border. I remember pissing off the customs guy for being in the trucking lane, and I kept repeating the magical words “Electronic Manifest!” until he accepted what we were doing. It turned out we were fine, but the customs agent was curious whether we were traveling with the other Alto, and whether we needed to do the complicated paperwork stuff too. He was quite chipper, as customs agents go, and we were quickly on our way.

Judge away. I don’t care. Now we don’t have TP anxiety.

What do you guess was our first beeline destination? That is correct. We are people of Walmart, and gleefully drove straight to the nearest one. Judge all you want, but we were in full bliss mode. I realized Walmart is evil and they are ruining everything, but they had all the groceries we needed, plus our specific brand of RV TP. And you know how we are about RV TP. We stocked up with all the produce we could carry, plus grillable dinners for the next few nights.

This was us pulling out the next morning. Man, they cram ’em in!

From there, it was a short shot to the campground. We had stayed at this place once before, on our way back five years ago. It is a strange place. The campsites are totally jam packed next to each other and on grass. There are electric hookups though, and there is a long stretch of sandy beach.

That is one Great Lake

We still do not believe that Lake Superior is not an ocean. It is just immense. We looked up whether it has tides, and I guess the answer is “not really.” The sand feels like ocean beach sand, and the waves gently lap onto the shore. I had to remind myself to not look for whales or dolphins.

Even got an ocean-like sunset

At the end of the day, we were happy with the decisions made. It was good to be back in the land of miles and gallons because we can’t be bothered to learn things. Dear Canadians: I hope you know I’m kidding. But also, we are bad at learning things anymore. I realize that if we had just migrated to metric back in the 70s, we’d know it now. But we didn’t, and I don’t. We did get weather pummeled, but all things considered, the timing did not catch us on highways, which is a good thing. Brimley is a perfectly reasonable place to stay right after the border crossing, but it is so packed, I had to wonder if I was going to hit any rigs as we were pulling out.

Great way to land on the end of a Super Flexible day

Across from our site, we saw a couple sitting outside at their little camping table, in their little camping chairs, who looked the absolute picture of misery. The dejected looks on their faces as they just sat staring straight ahead could have been due to the weather, but we don’t know that to be true. We just know that, the more we do this, the better we get at rolling with the punches. It does always seem that by the end of our long summer trips, we are fully ready for long trips. One day we hope to be retired, and we would love to test that hypothesis.

Total miles from Chutes: 151.5, 18.1 mpg, 6 hours 53 min. Crossed border at Sault St. Marie. Got site by calling reservation hotline while en route. Super crowded campground with site on grass. Hookups worked fine. Lots of sites with major puddles. Good cell service. Good dump and potable water. They put a dump hose splitter in the inlet so 2 units could dump at a time. It was “easy” to remove though.

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  1. Hi Alissa & Richard– Thanks for the pics of Lake Superior. I’ve only seen Lake Michigan in the Grand Haven area. I think Lake Michigan is 90 miles across. I crossed it once on a ferry and, at one point, couldn’t see either land side. Safe travels. Dee

  2. Possible note for a future trips: also right outside of Brimley is Bayview USFS campground. I think the sites are non electric, but many are right on the lake. It’s a favorite for us.

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