Driftwood (2)

What a site!

We’re in the groove again and making the best of the back end. I’m glad we have a couple more weeks still and are able to do stays of a couple of nights every so often. This place was an intentional site repeat from the last time we blew through this area. I liked this campground so much and knew that the site had a little beach where you could launch a kayak. It took careful monitoring of the reservation site, but I was able to get it again for two nights.

Beautiful roads so far

We officially crossed out of Quebec and into Ontario on our way. We will be following Highway 17, the Trans-Canada Highway, until we head back into the U.S. I really love this highway for driving. Richard is not jonesing to bike it ever because the shoulder is often gravel, but it’s great in a car. There is not much traffic unless you approach a largish city, or get stuck behind a white stripe painting vehicle, and it also has passing lanes often enough that the eager beavers can safely get past. There are also lots and lots of water features along the way, which is exciting for Californians.

Leftover pizza for lunch while pulled over in some random parking lot = Best Accessory Option Ever

Another exciting event that happened en route was that we used the inverter to run the microwave and heat up leftover pizza. I can probably count on one hand the number of times we’ve actually used the inverter, but each occurrence made us both proclaim: Worth it!

Ideal grilling scenario

The campground is just beautiful. There are a few trails you can hike, but it’s the water feature that steals the show. I grilled up some delicious marinated meats from the Peres Nature grocery store, along with some peppers, zucchini, and corn on the cob. A nice bread round was cut into slices, drizzled with olive oil, and toasted on the barby to go with dinner, and it was superb. So good. I’m reliving it now.

Fern covered hiking trails

For our full day in the park, we did a little hike and ended up at the campground office, where they had an ice cream coffin. The park rangers let us know that there was a music event happening in the day use area, so we went back to Dory and I got my boat (from the roof box!) and got in the water. He walked over, and I floated over. As it happened, we got there just in time for the banjo-guitar playing duo’s last number. Oh well. It was fun, from what I could hear, which was not much.

Calm and clear for launching

We then paralleled each other along the river’s edge until the wind started picking up. The water was starting to get choppy so I turned around and headed back. It went from glassy smooth to pretty seriously wavy in minutes. I paddled pretty hard, getting a good workout, until I came back to the day use area. I decided then to just bail and get out, rather that continue just around the next bend to our campsite. I definitely want to play it safe in the water. I texted Richard and he met me when he was done with his hike. It was a very short walk back to the campground from there, so he ended up getting the car and driving it back over for me. Then we just packed the boat into the roof box from there. It would help not to have that cover in there too, but it’s not like we will normally be dragging that around. I think the roof box made it somewhat easier to manage all the boat things, but I will say it’s a challenge heaving it up and over.

Windy and choppy. Get the hell out!

We got some nice sunsets and met a nice Alto couple. We chatted for a while and found that they were Altoistes members. In the course of conversation, we started sharing some of our story (for us, it is not a simple answer when someone asks: “How long have you had your Alto?”), and eventually it dawned on them that we were those people.

Totally gorgeous place

Onward to the next stop! We really really love Ontario. It is green without the humidity and has lots of outdoor things to do. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and it gets bonus points for not making us feel like idiots while trying to speak French. And, of course, we do know a lot of awesome people here. Must figure out how to get here more often…

Total miles from Park National d’Oka: 251.3, 16.7 mpg, 6 hours 28 min. Site 41. No hookups, no solar. Good dump with potable water. Launch from site. 1-2 bars LTE for both.

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