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Nothin’ but blue skies here…

Holy hail storms, Batman! We have been playing the worst version of Dodgeball ever for the past week, where what we are dodging is baseball sized hail. Also 70-80 mph winds. And massive Tornados. I do not like this game at all, but very much appreciate the fact that we seem to be really good at it so far. We’ve been watching the weather reports obsessively and have either been right in front of a severe zone, or just above one, or in between a bunch of them. I would absolutely be adjusting plans like crazy if this were not the case, but actually, we have not directly experienced much in the way of intense storms. That is 100% luck. We should buy some lottery tickets or something. The last three places we’ve stayed are all undergoing major storms right now, and I have seen the footage of the damage happening just to the south of where we’ve been. Let’s hope this system loses its steam soon!

From left to right: Wichita Mountains Wildlife Preserve (left Monday), Chickasaw NRA (left Wednesday), and Little Rock (arrived Thursday). *whew*

We arrived uneventfully at our next overnight stop. This one was planned to cut down the daily miles and it worked just fine for that. The lake is called Lake Eufala, or just, the Canadian River, depending on where you are on it. It is huge and there are many campgrounds all around it. This one was rated fairly well, and I was able to get a site with electric hookups, which is becoming more of a “must have” as the temperature and humidity has risen. We are seeing temps in the upper 80s/lower 90s most days, but I understand now when they say, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Damn, y’all! I have so much respect for my southern friends.

What, is this place literally crawling with these guys?

We walked around a bit after dinner and saw eight Tarantulas on the road. Or, the same Tarantulas over eight instances. I cannot verify it was not the same one, following us super fast. Damn again, y’all! How did no one ever tell me how many Tarantulas there are out here??

Cool dragonfly that kind of looks like a steam punk airplane

We also saw lots of geese, white tailed deer, and some crazy looking dragonflies that we verified are called “Whitetail Skimmers.”

Sunset reflecting off all the atmospheric humidity

The campground was all but empty as we rolled through on a Wednesday. I wonder if it fills up on the weekends. The big activity seems to be golfing around this state park. Or maybe fishing is popular too. In any case, it made for a good stopping point for the day, but not a destination in and of itself.

Crossing fingers for the game of Dodgeball to end soon!

Total miles from Chickasaw: 136.9, 17.8 mpg, 4 hours. Site Lakeview (LV) 259, hookups. Dump had a weird metal door over it, so waited to dump at next stop. There are only a few sites that have hookups, and this one has the best view. No trails to speak of, but plenty of space to walk along the lakefront. 5g for both of us, but weirdly super slow.

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