San Luis Creek (6)

“Oh boy! This is gonna be good!”

Does anyone else hear the “all systems go” voice from Space Mountain in their heads when they are getting ready for a big trip? No? Just me? Well fine. I hear the countdown check in my mind right up until we are ready to finally roll down our street at the start of a long vacation. I hear “check” and “go” until my foot hits the gas peddle. I half way expect us to shoot forward into a dark tunnel, wind whipping through my hair, all set to Space Mountain music. It is never quite that exciting, but it is exhilarating nonetheless.

Our route

We will be away from home this time for over two months as we make our way to the 25th anniversary Grand Rassemblement for Safari Condo, held in Quebec. Dory’s birth place. All of the Dorys and Lolas come from there and our initial pick up journey was dubbed a “once in a lifetime” experience, going all the way across the country and back. Then there was the 20th anniversary Grand Rassemblement, and well, we had to do that. I mean, come on. There were dear friends, and a Beatles cover band, and little plastic snails on complimentary cocktails. Who’s not going to go to that?? This time around was a bit of a sell to Richard, but then we hung out with Francois, our Safari Condo family member, at Xmas, and he said something about dinner and a nice bottle of wine if we made the trek. So, here we are. Launched.

Might need to find an oil change location along the way…

We are planning to see lots of our bestest friends along the journey, and will head through a part of the country we have never been to. Graceland will get a stopover along the way, and we have a whole Elvis film festival downloaded. We will cover over 8000 miles on the journey and spend 74 nights on the road. We have reservations lined up, except for a couple of first come first serve locations. And we have cool tours reserved. Should be super fun.

We are committed. … or perhaps committable?

At the rally, we will hook up with lots of our Alto besties, and we have a little (well, actually, the opposite of little) surprise prepared to show our love for Safari Condo. All we are lacking is a bubble machine. I thought about it. But 2 things: 1) takes up even more room, and 2) crazy (er).

Stop #1 done deal.

We follow the same route we have many times in the past, by spending our first night at San Luis Creek Campground, with a lovely view of O’Neill Forebay. Then we trek over the Tehachapi Pass to get to Barstow and the much anticipated Penny’s Diner. We’re excited. Then we’ll head along 40 and stop a couple nights in Mohave. From there, it will start turning into some new territory. Stuffed Dory will make appearances all along the way until she returns to her spawning grounds.

For those playing along on FB: O’Neill Forebay; part of the San Luis Reservoir. (miss you tons, Jim)

In the immortal words of the Peter Pan ride: “Here we goooo!”

Total miles: 104.6, 18.0 mpg, 2 hours 53 min. Site 4 hookups. Dump on left better than dump on right. It has a bar going across the opening so you can’t put the hose down too low, but it’s fine. Strong cell for ATT but not Verizon (SOS only).

4 thoughts on “San Luis Creek (6)

  1. I was so hoping to see you but I will be in Montreal at a wedding that weekend. Have a blast my friend.

  2. Completely jazzed for your trip, Alissa and Richard, and Dory 2 and Bruce, and Stuffed Dory. Thx for taking us all along with you by posting photos and descriptions! Quite seriously, ahem, I have a request: If you meet up with an Altoiste who has come to the end of their wanderlust and wants to sell their camper and tow car (in great shape!), I may have sold my house by later this summer and be in a position to buy. Just planting the seed… xo Be safe and Enjoy every mile! Darcy

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