Clear Lake (6)

California still looking lush and green

Know what? Remodeling is hard.

Yes, it is still fantastic getting our daughter into her own place. She is set and happy. The immediate direct result of finishing that project, however, was that all of the people constantly irritating Richard moved their activity back into the main house. He’s been doing his best to be cordial, despite the constant interruptions. But it’s been really, really hard.

Boardwalks resting on the water

This weekend, Richard was hoping to do a long ride around the lake, instead of doing our local Grizzly Peak Century ride. It rained all night on Friday and he was not into riding wet roads. We did our best to regroup and instead went on a long walk through and around the campground, which was fun and very pleasant. The lake is super full right now and I always like seeing full lakes.

Kelsey Creek full to the brim

When we got back in the afternoon, the conversation turned toward remodeling and, I won’t sugar coat this, Richard had a complete break down. All of the stress, and frustration, and worry tumbled out onto the floor, in one big dramatic explosion.

Sorry, box. Sometimes it can’t be avoided.

It was a long drive home on Sunday, but that was a good thing, because it gave us time to collect ourselves, and each other, and come up with some productive next steps. We put a few little things into place to address the interruptions, and we called for a meeting with the contractors to get on the same page regarding the remaining costs and action items. That felt good.

But probably the most therapeutic thing was that we were finally able to take showers in our brand new primary bathroom. And you know what? We have an absolutely gorgeous shower. So that was a concrete and palpable benefit from all of the remodeling woes.

Damn fine shower, ever so close to being finished

Remodeling is hard. Showers are good. It’s going to be ok, but we will need to have breakdowns along the way. This weekend was one of them.

Total miles: 116.2, 16.6 mpg, 3 hours 31 min. Site 75 no hookups. Some solar. 1-2 bars LTE or 5g for both of us. Good dump, no fee. Took 29 all the way to Lower Lake. Windy but lots of passing lanes and road in good condition.

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  1. Oh, remodeling is so hard. I lived through just 3 months of it a decade ago and even though the crew was great, by the end, I dreaded them showing up every day .

    Glad to hear the shower is great. I am truly envious. Some day you might find a 1743 on your street and a weirdo knocking on your door asking for a free shower 😂

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