Bodega Dunes (9)

Nice site in a part of the campground we hadn’t stayed in before.

It’s good to be out again. We bailed last weekend with all of the pouring, icy conditions. Instead, we did projects at home. This weekend looked less watery, so we were able to keep these reservations. We did get some heavy rain overnight, but there were enough breaks that we got to walk over to the beach on Saturday. The nice thing about sandy trails through dunes is that they are not muddy. There were lots of horses taking people along the trails too.

Boardwalk to the beach

The boardwalk took a hit from the recent storms and we marveled at the power of nature to destroy things that seem very solid. The campground itself was pretty muddy and messy too. But they had clearly done some major tree removal work and we were not underneath anything precarious. Obviously, many trees came down in the wind, but many were cut back as well, and still standing.

This is an ex boardwalk.

We enjoyed taking advantage of the paused precipitation and walked up to have dinner at La Bodeguita. That is a nice little trail that lets you avoid any walking on Highway 1. After dinner, we strolled back down to Dory, getting just a little bit rained on.

Beautiful dunes trail

It was a nice, calm weekend out, so there is not much to report. We were glad to have avoided the “Special Weather Alert” involving a thunderstorm with pea sized hail. All is well and our home project is entering the greenification stage. At long last, my house will be a color I like, instead of a weird pale blecky yellow.

Sometimes present water feature

It’s all good.

Total miles: 79.4, 15.8, 2 hours 38 min. Site 41 no hookups. LTE or 1 bar of 5g for both. Tiny bit of solar. Dump was finally open. Wish they had a wash down hose at the sewer inlet to clean up general mess.

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