Doran Beach (9)

Dory by moonlight

We were soooo close to not going out this weekend, but I’m soooo glad we did. It’s been kind of a stressful week, and rain was in the forecast for the whole weekend. Still, we are so habituated to packing and hitching, it was easier to go for it than not. Once we were on the road and under way, we could tell immediately it was a good call. Remodeling is tough and we really need those weekends out to talk through all of the niggling little decisions that have to be made. During the week, we are mostly too tired and in our own zones to want to do a deep dive into closet doors or open To Do lists. In the time it took to drive to Bodega Bay, we had most things sorted.

Morning coffee view

I brought some work, since I knew it was going to be raining a lot, and I knew I would feel better if I got through some of it. Richard theoretically had work, but instead, he napped and caught up on just resting. I leave in the mornings during the week, but I am aware that the workers begin pounding, sawing, grinding, hammering, and whatever else they are doing first thing in the morning, and they keep it up all day long. Richard and our daughter have to live through that.

What a site!

I do not have all that much to report since we stayed indoory in Dory almost the whole time. We did go out for a nice moonlight walk on the beach and we did enjoy a nice dinner at the Fishetarian. Our site was amazing and we got to gaze at the ocean from inside. Outside was windy and periodically rainy, so we weren’t super motivated to emerge.

The ocean is just a couple of steps away from the front door.

We spotted another Alto couple on our way back from dinner. We stopped and said hi through the car window and they knew us. Apparently, we met them back in Salt Lake City when they were on their maiden voyage. I even kind of remember that, and it was about four years ago. They were on their way early on Sunday so we didn’t get a chance to chat.

Blue skies in between the showers

We both really loved the Jetty area of this campground. It’s hard to reserve, of course, especially the sites with ocean views, but well worth it. It’s always windy at Doran, and the Jetty seems to get the worst of it. There wasn’t anything too concerning for this weekend, so we used the Caravan Mover to spin for views, rather than nosing into the wind.

If you’re going to have a lazy, rainy weekend, then casually staring out at the ocean from inside your comfy heated zone is the way to do it!

Total miles: 81.9, 17.0 mpg, 2 hours 47 min. Site 113, incredible site. Excellent 5g for both. Great dump; pay $7 when you register. Walk right on to beach from site.

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