Black Rock – Joshua Tree

Getting the desert vibes going

This was our second visit, and first stay in this campground. We had come here to dump after the last time we stayed in Jumbo Rocks, and I remember meeting another Alto owner at the dump. This time, we got to stay right next to the dump. Like, we had the perfect view of the dump and got to watch everyone roll through.

Backroads full of fun places to off road and drink

I let Richard out on Pipes Canyon Rd on the way to Yucca Valley. He took that to Pioneertown Road, and then met me in the campground, getting lost in the neighborhoods cause that’s what he does. I had plenty of time and good cell service to get caught up on all things. We even had time in the afternoon to go a little hike out of the campground along the West Side Trail to the High View loop trail. That was a nice little climb and about a three mile hike, ending in views of the whole Yucca Valley.

Lovely view of dump from site 6

Yucca Valley is a much larger town than we thought or remembered. The campground is up in the foothills about five miles through residential neighborhoods. This is a nicely located stop where you can technically stay in the national park, though there are no access roads into the main park from this corner. It’s perfect for stopping, orienting, shopping, and dumping, before heading into the interior campgrounds that are all more primitive. In general though, cell service seems to be easier to find than when we passed through here before.

There we go! Joshua Trees on the High View Trail

We had one full day to explore and decided to do an out and back trail on the Black Canyon Trail to the Morongo Valley View Point. There are longer loop trails starting from the campground, including a panoramic loop of about six miles. From our view point, you could see all the way to the place where Interstate 10 cuts into the valley from the LA basin. It is marked by a field of windmills and unmistakable. Beyond that, you can see the San Bernadino Mountains, some of which are snowcapped from the first of the winter storms. Amazing view and a very nice, gentle climbing trail all the way up.

Morongo Valley View Point Trail

We stocked up in town to get ready for a long stay in the park and got out holiday spirit going with the purchase of a little festive bow. I am realizing that I only have blue solar powered outdoor lights, but since we’ll have hookups for xmas, we splurged and got a strand of plug in lights for later. Half off. Couldn’t resist.

Love love love the deserts in winter

This was a convenient location with lots of services and just enough Joshua Tree vibes to whet our palettes. Next stop is Jumbo Rocks and we’re pretty excited.

Total miles from Calico: 94.8, 15.2 mpg, 2 hours 32 min. Site 6 no hookups. Right next to dump. 5g service in campground and all around the area. Services and groceries in Yucca Valley.

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  1. Great pictures and I’m glad you made it to Pioneer Town. I loved to take people to Pappy and Harriet’s for a meal. Oh the memories, thanks

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