Wrights Beach (14)

Sunset over Petaluma

It never gets old. As long as we can keep grabbing sites at Wrights Beach, we’ll keep coming. Even in the winter, even with rain in the forecast.

Site 4 on Premium Row, with a strategically pruned hedge hole to look out on the beach

We saw a really nice sunset on the drive out. Since the weather reports called for a rainy couple of days, I figured that would be the best we we’d see for the weekend. We arrived at the site in the dark and did a Caravan Mover spin for optimized viewing. Then we privatized the curtains, cranked the heater, and I made chicken tacos using a new tortilla holder/warmer. It worked great, particularly in the way it facilitates tortilla loading. The heating was good, but takes a long time on the lowest heat setting on the stove. If you try to speed that up by turning up the flame at all, you’re gonna have flaming tortillas. Thankfully, the incident was quickly blown out and did not ruin the meal. I would have lost big points in a cooking competition though.

Hypnotic, soothing, and awesome, in the literal sense of the word

Saturday started off extremely lazy, with me not wanting to disturb the supreme coziness of heater+covers. Richard eventually wanted to brave the cold drizzle with an out and back hike on the Kortum Trail. I passed, and instead took my morning shower around 1pm.

Timing photos to catch the explosion of wave on rock

After I reluctantly accepted that morning lazy time was over, I walked out on the beach and just gaped at the waves. The crashing, churning, smashing, exploding water is mesmerizing. I stood or strolled, laughing at the thrill of the thundering surf until Richard returned from his hike. It was misting heavily, but not raining. We walked together on the beach for hours, and later climbed up the bluff at Duncan’s Landing. It seemed like there might be a chance for a sunset, so I wanted to hang out on the beach for the show. Once the sun finally peeked out from under the clouds, it felt thrilling, like we’d never seen the sun before. The whole beach lit up and cast the most amazing light on the clouds and rocks. You may think I am posting way too many pictures, but you should see how many I deleted.

This sunset was a stunner

Once the sun was down and the glow was fading on the after party, we got very excited about calling for take out from La Bodeguita. To our supreme disappointment, it was closed for the weekend! Noooo!! I had budgeted calories all week, fitting in some treadmill workouts even, just to make sure I could afford the pre-meal chips and salsa, in addition to a side of rice.

The Fishetarian Market & Restaurant

I wasn’t going to be so easily thwarted, so we drove down to the town of Bodega Bay and checked to make sure the Fishetarian was open. We won that round and had a delicious dinner of fish tacos, shrimp tacos, and clam chowder. They have a nice heated outdoor seating area and a little store inside. We also scored a jar of Ronda’s Romesco Sauce, which will go in the pantry for winter trip meals. The rest of the time, we chilled and casually planned meals and re-stocking tasks.

This view will never ever get old

We stop at the same gas station every weekend when we return home, to fill up for the following outing. At this point, the gas station owner knows us. A few weeks ago he started chatting Richard up about Dory. He had questions and was curious about taking a peek inside, which we were happy to oblige. He was a little embarrassed about asking, but explained that he notices us coming back from every weekend trip. I don’t know if “impressive” is the word, but it is something when the gas station guy tells you you’re living your best life. Our lifestyle choices must at least make him a very happy gas station owner. But whatever time, effort, or money we have ever put into this trailering thing, I can say without hesitation, it’s worth it.


Total miles: 83.7, 17.1 mpg, 2 hours 51 min. Site 4. Little or no service from this site. You have to go out on the beach. Dump at Bodega Dunes still closed. Dumped at Bodega RV but they upped their price to $20.

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  1. Wright’s Beach will never, ever get old. You make me miss it so much with those photos and adventure reports. Glad you got out there yet again to one of your happy places!

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