Wrights Beach (13)

Every bit as peaceful as it looks

November is the month to be thankful, and there is nothing more conducive to fully embracing all the gratitude feels than a premium site at Wrights Beach. On this day, two years ago, we were in shock on the side of the road, watching as our beloved Dory was getting hauled away after the collision that totaled her. Today, we’re still power camping every weekend, but now in Dory2, with Lola Too, the “spare,” ready and waiting should we need her to spring into action. And at long last, home construction has begun on the project we hope will culminate in the creation of a backyard campground where Dory1 can retire and spend her days welcoming guests for gatherings with a warm place to hang out, toss back a few, and chat while dinner cooks on the grill. What do you say, Supper Club?

This was the view from inside (under covers with heater running) as I sipped my morning coffee and stared through the windows.

We have so much to be thankful for. My mind once again goes to Randy and his guys, JR and Jason. Randy and his crew have kept us road worthy for over seven years. We trust them completely, and that’s not something we ever take for granted. I wonder if they would say yes if we invited them to be our first backyard campground dinner guests. What do you say, Randy? We are also ever so grateful for the friendship, advice, and 24/7 technical support from the Altoistes Facebook group. What an amazing journey, from group of 2, to well over seven thousand members. I have so appreciated the positive and helpful nature of that community. I count many of those people as cherished friends. And we’re pretty grateful to our daughter, and to our awesome neighbors for holding down the fort and feeding the kitty while we are out galavanting across the country. Damn, but we are lucky.

Blue skies and the sound of endless waves

With the photo gallery snapped from this delicious three day weekend, I feel I hardly need say more about feeling lucky.

Pomo Canyon Campground

I can note that we went on a hike to Pomo Canyon Campground on Friday. I was looking to get in some walking time so that I could enjoy La Bodeguita guilt free. I wasn’t expecting Willow Creek Road to be quite so well paved. I think we did this hike years ago and it was barely a dirt road. This time, it felt less like a hike than a “where did I park the car?” excursion. However, after about a mile of walking on newly laid pavement, it became a little more rugged. We walked through the campground, where the sites are nestled inside a Redwood forest, and all walk in. It is just a small step up from backpacking. When we returned to our own beachy campground, we totally caught a woman in the act of peering through Dory’s windows to get a peek inside. We offered to give her a tour if she came back later, but she was probably too embarrassed to take us up on it.

Me properly geared up for 54º weather

We got some nice sunsets this weekend and the blue sky weather could not have been more perfect. It was nippy in the late afternoon, but I was armed with my sleeping bag jacket with the furry hood. Richard was armed with shorts and bare feet. But I outlasted him and he retreated inside and ran the heater. A very talented Altoiste captured the scene of what it would look like if Richard went and visited Canada right now.

And Richard’s approach.

Photoshop credit: Pete Henley

On Saturday, Richard got in a big ride and I scored by meeting up with him at Wild Flour Bakery. They are set up for long lines and running out of things. A woman periodically emerges and crosses things off the chalkboard menu, or adds things that have been freshly baked. We split two scones to share: one a Meyer lemon and cranberry, the other a mixed berry. Those scones are basically gluten based crack. I can still smell them in my mind. They were warm and soft and so crazy good.

So much yum going on.

I followed Richard up and over Bay Hill Road, which I had never taken before. I sure wouldn’t want to try that with Dory in tow, but the views of the ocean and Bodega Bay were incredible on the last bit. That’s the bit where you shoot straight down to Highway 1 and hope your brakes are working. I can’t believe some of the things Richard bikes.

Beginning the descent down Bay Hill Road

On Sunday, we really really really did not want to leave. A teacher friend asked me how I gather the will power to drive home and return to work each Sunday. I explained how, luckily, at a campground, they kick you out. Also, our water tanks are not infinite. “How did you force yourself to leave?” “Black tank was full.”

The sunsets did not disappoint this weekend.

It was a glorious weekend, filled with natural beauty and feelings of gratitude. As it was Veterans Day Weekend, I also am thankful to those who have sacrificed and served for the sake of others. Thank you to those reading this silly blog, and thank you to those who share your stories. Thank you to friends and family, near and far. And thank you to all at Safari Condo, for making the magical little memory makers that allow me to pause and notice all the ways I am so deeply grateful.

Total miles: 83.7, 16.5 mpg, 2 hours 33 min. Site 7. No hookups. 2 bars of LTE for Verizon from the site. That was a first. 5g for ATT out on the beach. No dump. Tried Bodega Dunes, but there was a line. Dumped at Bodega Bay RV for $15.

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