Casini Ranch (7)

Site 2 is fabulous. A little shady cove of privacy in a crowded campground.

Nice boring weekend. Nothing exciting to report. No near death experiences or anything. I got my boat in the water and STAYED IN THE BOAT the entire time! There was even a teeny teeny tiny rapid, like a Class .5 level ripple in the water and I did not fall out. Perfectly peaceful day on the Russian River.

Take 2: This time with no Poseidon Adventures.

Richard went on a bike ride up to Occidental and tried some smaller tires on his new bike. He gives a thumbs up. After dinner, we went to the campground store and got It’s Its, the San Francisco treat, one classic vanilla and one mint. Mmmmmm. Then it was the usual shows projected on the big screen. We are in the final season of “Better Call Saul,” which is gripping and pretty tense. We both had bad dreams about being lost in the desert.

Got a new hat. There we go for big news.

Honestly, I could try to stretch this out, but I don’t have much to say. Which, after last weekend, is a very good thing.

Total miles: 93.1, 16.5 mpg, 3 hours 13 min. Site 2, hookups. Shady. Nice and private. Pretty good campground wifi from the site. Little to no cell service in the area. Waited an hour at the dump because went right after noon. Dump is ok. Timing is everything.

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  1. I’m proud of you, girl, you got back in the water (ok, a week or so later). It takes courage.

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