Missoula KOA

The full Charles McGill

When you need a nice KOA, you really appreciate it. I think I needed this one. This was an awesome regroup/recoup stop for us. Yes, we got to do loads and loads of laundry, and we got to restock all our favorite things, but we also got to sleep and do these things at a slow pace, with hookups.

This is the only scenic picture I took. The rest are all about temperature management. But you’re probably tired of scenic shots by now anyway.

I finally got to put up my Aluminet project too. This was something I invested time and money into before we left and it was starting to become questionable whether it would ever be hot and sunny enough to try it. This is a full “Charles McGill,” if you are a fan of “Better Call Saul.” With a 2-ply keder roped set on the driver’s side, and a single ply on the door side, I can get shade onto both side wall and the roof. Then I used a smaller piece against the back wall. All that was left un Alumineted was the front wall. And I could have. But what we had was sufficient. With the outside temperature showing 95º, we were seeing 76º inside. We used small fans to circulate the air and it all worked great. Mission Accomplished.

I have nothing much more to report from this leg of the trip. I can happily state that all things electrical are working in champion form. We will have Randy do a thorough diagnostic when we get home, but the culprit of our earlier troubles seems to have been a faulty outlet. With that taken out of the system, the Xantrex converter is converting, the microwave is microwaving, and the AC is Acing to perfection. Hooray!

Total miles from Flathead Lake: 96.4, 18.0 mpg, 2 hours 31 min avoiding highways. Hookups. Some shade. Excellent cell but also WIFI. Laundry. Dump. Close proximity to downtown, stores, services. Don’t take Peggy Lane to get there.

6 thoughts on “Missoula KOA

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.
    Is the roof aluminet attached to both keder ropes or just one?

    1. Just one. It got sewn to a keder rope with the other one that shades the fridge wall. We throw it over the top and secure with guy lines.

  2. Yes, I know, I’m late to the campground but lots of life was happening this past week with my 101yr old mom and so I”m just viewing emails now. She ‘s fine, just lots of dental appointments. And I would say I am not in overload with scenic pics because I like seeing what other parts of America look like. It looks like your having a wonderful adventurous summer (as it should be). Take care, Dee

    1. Wow Dee! Your 101yr old mom! Well, the upcoming batch of scenic pics from Yellowstone should not disappoint. Well done you for being such a dedicated caretaker. But then, you always have been.

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