River’s Edge RV Park

Pleasant place, but bring bug spray

This was a travel day getting us from Banff to Glacier. The miles were many, partly because I chose to avoid Highway 2 and instead take a circuitous side route using the lesser traveled Highway 22. This also kept us closer to the Rockies for lingering horizon views.

Well that’s one way to move I guess.

For the first leg, we followed the Bow River, and a single story residential dwelling, until just after passing Ghost Reservoir. We spent a good long time behind the house, eventually passing it when the house finally pulled over. We stopped for a snack and potty break at Ghost Reservoir, only to find that the house had caught up with us. Thankfully, the house took a left not too long after that and we were residence free for the rest of the day.

Rare sighting! That’s one for the Alto Bingo Board!

Richard was still on the clock for this day, so we had to find service and pull over for a while so he could take a work call. As I waited I performed my usual activity, which is to scan the countryside for moose. I did not find one, but I did spy something even more rare: a yellow Alto! They beeped as they went by and I waved enthusiastically. There was some debate on the Altoistes site about how many yellows there are in circulation, but let’s just say there are not many. It is always exciting to see one and that was my first spotting “in the wild.”

Old Man River

The River’s Edge RV Park is conveniently located fairly close to the US/Canada border and was a pleasant enough stop. They had hookups and a good dump and gave us a site next to the river. The very friendly host told us we could take a short path to go sit by the river, but I was a hard pass on that due to the number of mosquitos. This was in fact the first time we had encountered them to the point that it was annoying. Probably because mosquitos don’t come out when it is raining so much.

Recognize it?

I got caught up on the blog and Richard went out for a “civvy” ride. The little town of Fort Macleod was kind of deserted, but he did find a store and the house that was filmed in “Brokeback Mountain.” Otherwise, he described the mood as having a “Children of the Corn” vibe.

Pretty yellow fields. Not sure if future French’s or future Canola Oil.

Not much else to report. We saw the land and weather change dramatically as soon as we left the Rockies. Mountain valleys gave way to fields of unknown but colorful crops and lots and lots of cattle ranches. We experienced one goat jam, but no other wildlife spotting, except cows.

Goat jam

More exciting days ahead, but it was kind of nice to have a boring one to be honest. Sometimes these trips can be too much fun. It’s a good problem to have.

Total miles from Banff: 231.6, 19.4 mpg, 5 hours 13 minutes with a long stop for service. Site 61, touted by the host as a “coveted site” by the river. Electric and water hookups. Good dump. Good service. Gas in town.

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