Orange Grove RV

A perfect stopover. With produce.

I absolutely love finding pleasant places to stay in the middle of routes that take us elsewhere. We passed by this place last time we came through Bakersfield, and the big signs advertising fruits and nuts and camping were enough to make us look it up. It gets five stars on Allstays. Sometimes that just means it is a clean parking lot with pull throughs for huge rigs. I won’t try to oversell it, but it is certainly as dependable as a KOA, and you get the added fun of being surrounded by orange trees. You are in fact allowed to pick as many of the oranges as you like, and every site has fruit bearing trees next to it. So that’s fun. I picked 6 nice looking ones.

Fully committed to the spirit.

It was an easy haul from Seacliff and we arrived just around sunset. There was plenty of time to catch up on blogging from the previous stay, have dinner, and get in a walk around the RV park. Some rigs were quite decked out for the holidays. There do seem to be a number of semi-permanent residents, but also lots and lots of available sites for one nighters. 

Fun little communal area.

There was some kind of party happening in the communal building, but we weren’t curious enough to risk Covid and peek inside. On the whole, people were well behaved and there were all the amenities you could want.

Time to relax and wait for a bit.

We woke to very dense fog and decided not to be in any hurry getting started. Richard wanted a bike ride of some sort, so he headed over to the Bakersfield Walmart while I showered. That turned out not to be a great idea because the roads are apparently covered with bicycle tire killing bits everywhere. The fog was also so thick that he had a hard time seeing in front of him. By the time he was done with a quick replenishing shopping run, his front tire had flatted. I was all up and dressed at that point, so I suggested he just stay there to wait for the rescue party. He’s lucky I’m so good at rescuing. Richard wishes to note that riding in the fog is just like riding in the rain. (avoid)

Grab and go oranges, right in your site!

Another benefit of RV parks like these is that you usually don’t need to unhitch because the sites are pull through and level. Since that was the case, it wasn’t too much of an offer for me to pack up without him. Inside close down is usually my job and all I had to do outside was unstabilize and put away the power cable. After about a 5 mile backtrack down highway 58, I found Richard apologetic in the parking lot. He needn’t have been, but let’s pretend this really put me out and let him be super nice, shall we?

Onward to our next stop!

Total miles: 248.2 from Seacliff, 14.6 mpg (headwind), 5 hours 48 min. Site 40 full hookups. Looked like nice dump, but we didn’t need it yet. Great cell service. Orange trees between sites. Contactless check in.

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