Wrights Beach (10)

Best Site Ever.

… but 8 would be awesome too…

Perfect ten. Plus one for some Verizon service for Richard; just enough to hotspot and get important texts, but not enough to work or get things done. Also, I got to spend time Saturday catching up with a friend. So it was a weekend cranked up all the way to 11.

A view that can’t be beat

Of all the sites in all the campgrounds in all the places I have been, this one tops the list as a solid favorite. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, or foggy, or anything else. I could be happy hanging out here any day. It tops Seacliff for sure because there is privacy between sites and not as many people, so you feel like you have the ocean to yourself. Unless someone decides to set up a hammock right in front of you. But even then, it just adds to the chillin vibe.

Outside window arsenal

We did a Caravan Mover spin to get the full glory of the wall of windows view. The only downside of that is that you really notice when the windows need cleaning. I’ve got that down fairly well now, with the addition of a collapsible bucket. That is a key ingredient in getting the window cleaner diluted and soaked into the scrubby cloth thing.

Indoor window condensation arsenal

For indoors, the windows get cleaned regularly when I do my condensation routine. Once the temps fall just a bit, we are guaranteed to wake up with condensation on the windows. It is part of my post coffee ritual to squeegee every pane, sending the water down the channels in the frame and onto the ground outside. My brain tells me it is a good thing to get rid of the moisture so it doesn’t just evaporate back into the air inside and end up as more condensation the next morning. I don’t know if this is true, but it makes me feel productive in the morning, even if I haven’t gotten dressed or showered by noon.

Full blue mode for fancy company

Saturday afternoon, a friend, who lives fairly close by, came out to chat and catch up. That was awesome. We just sat under the awning, talking, and sometimes remarking on the beauty of the ocean. There were periods of drizzle and light rain, and it was a bit chilly. Perfect weather for some cocktails and a nice heavy sweatshirt. I love that kind of day. It’s my favorite. An 11. Richard got out and hiked the Kortum trail while we hung out. He didn’t even get lost, so it was a win win.

Are you sure we have to go? How sure? Check again.

We were super reluctant to leave on Sunday. The premium sites at Wrights Beach are the toughest to reserve, so it’s a real treat when we get to partake. As it so happens, we have next weekend reserved as well, though in not quite as premium a premium site. We are both premium donnas now.

Note the chillin hammock guy. Maybe he would have trick or treated.

Not much else to report. I kind of wish we could have stayed out camping for Halloween, but I will also admit that it’s fun to be a teacher at your local elementary school. The looks on the faces of the kids when I open the door and they realize it’s a teacher answering, is shadowed only by their looks when they see my son, in full bank robber costume. All the little angels and witches and dinosaurs open their eyes wide and gasp, “It’s Mr. Darren!!!” And that is the best.

Happy Halloween y’all!

Total miles: 91.9, taking the long way around using back roads, 16.5 mpg. Site 7. No hookups. Oh so premium. This time we got 1 bar of LTE on Verizon. No service for ATT. No dump, so dumped at Bodega Dunes for free. Then had lunch in the day use area. Foggy and overcast, but still the batteries stayed topped up with the awesomeness of the huge solar panels. Even used the inverter to power the microwave for soup, and still, happy face battery.

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