Sunset SB (7)

Closest we got to a sunset.

What a fun weekend! I got in some otter time at Elkhorn Slough, we spotted an Alto in the wild, and we got to have the BEST dinner with our most excellent neighbors.

There are so many species of birds in this picture. Wish I could name them all.

We got the same site we have a couple times in the past at Sunset State Beach campground. From there, it is a short hop to a boat launch, either at Moss Landing, or Kirby Park. We still can’t go to this campground without remembering the Extreme RVs shoot and how wild that was. No such drama this weekend. Just a beautiful float, launching from Kirby Park, and sharing space with a couple hundred birds. Plus three otters. It was a good day. Kirby has been closed for a while to do damage repair, but is back open, and a nice peaceful place to launch a kayak.

Coming in for a landing.

There were just scores of beautiful birds out there. Egrets, Herons, Sandpipers, and of course lots of Pelicans. The best were the Terns, who dove straight down into the water to catch little fish. The Pelicans meanwhile, swooped so close to me on their long hovering descents, I thought they might make a landing on my boat. But they didn’t. And the otters just bobbed and floated, warming their little hands in the sun.

Chillin’ while fluffy

Richard did a ride and met me at Kirby. We’re planning a one way boating scheme for some time in the future where I depart from Moss Landing and he rides to the car, then drives it to Kirby to pick me up there. That would be fun.

As is usually the case, there were no sunsets at Sunset State Beach. Just as I was thinking there might be a show, the fog rolled in so thick, it was like a statement. No. No sunset for you. I took a series of three pictures which show how fast it rolled in. The first was taken at 6:29, the second at 6:36, and the third at 6:44.

On our way home, we needed to stop to dump at New Brighton, and we spotted another 1723! Sadly, the owners were not around, but I left them a couple of Koozies and a calling card, hoping they were maybe Altoistes. I posted in the group, and sure enough! They were in fact a couple we had met at Sunset SB a few years back for a tour of Dory1. They had gone through the whole waiting process and finally got their Alto delivered to Durango, probably not that far from when we got Dory2. Nice little connection there.

Hello there Alto twin!

And though I have no photographic record, our neighbors, Caz and Steve, treated us to the absolute best English roasted dinner on Sunday night. We shared stories and our hopes and plans for the backyard “campground.” All in all, it was a very happy weekend.

Total miles: 93.4, 17.9 mpg. Site 27 no hookups. Great solar. Ok to fair service for both. Dump at New Brighton for $10 on a credit card at the dump.

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