Bodega Bay RV Park

Not bad at all. Quiet in the rain.

Have you ever spent a weekend so thoroughly lazy you’re not sure if you walked even fifty steps? That was us. It was raining Friday night and all day Saturday, so it was kind of perfect. We must have needed a lazy weekend because we were both awfully content to do nothing.

Cute vintage trailers having a weekend out.

When I say ‘do nothing’ I mean we went nowhere. We actually did a lot of talking and thinking together. That is a lot of what these weekends are all about. It’s like a forced pause from the whirlwind work week. We catch our breath, think through stuff that’s on our minds, or things that are difficult to sift through without a lot of time. Or I revamp my reading comprehension program, deciding the acronym “PRICS” (predicting, reading, imagining, clarifying, summarizing) sounds too close to “pricks” and would not be good.

The Children’s Bell Tower – 140 bells, mostly donated from places in Italy to honor the gift of life, following a terrible tragedy

As for the campground, this was a new one for us in a frequently visited location. Bodega Bay RV Park sits right behind the parking lot to our favorite restaurant in Bodega Bay: La Bodegita. We’ve never been tempted to stay there, because it looks like your typical big rig parking lot from the entrance. Maybe our expectations were really low, but we actually found it to be quite cute and pleasant. The sites weren’t exactly spread out, but we weren’t bumping up against our neighbors either. It was clean, there was cell service and wifi, and the location is good. Good that is, if you wanted to do anything in Bodega Bay. Which we didn’t. We were looking forward to getting takeout, but sadly, our place seems to be closed, hopefully not forever.

There were some cute vintage trailers in the campground and Richard found a touching memorial to a boy, Nicholas Green, from the area who had died in Italy and donated his organs. Today, there is a foundation in his honor. One of the bells was blessed by Pope John Paul II.

One of our favorite “facies”

On Saturday, we devoted part of the day to thinking of a dear camping friend, who passed about six months ago. Ralph, you were one of the good guys. Patricia, we hold you in our hearts, looking forward to the day when we can camp together again.

Life is short. Lazy is good. Rain is good. Pricks are bad. Choose wisely where you put your energy because those are the minutes that make up your life. That’s all I got.

Total miles: 84.7, 16.4 mpg. Site 55 hookups. Cell service and Tengointernet wifi. Good dump, but you have to back in. Level gravel sites with little fences between. Clean, quiet, safe. Like a KOA. Even has a tiny putting green thing and a corn hole game area.

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  1. Lovely tribute to Ralph, I was thinking of him and Tricia on Saturday, too. Sounds like a great weekend for just decompressing after a very busy summer and start of school. And good call on changing the PRICS name 🙂

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