Sunset SB (6) and Moss Landing (4)

Saturday, November 7, 2020

If there were a psychological time marker associated with these two weekends, it would read: 45:1458 for the last, and 46:1 for this. What a difference it makes to wake up in a new era. Some people are saying it is like living the ending of “Return of the Jedi” and that feels so true that we actually streamed that movie Saturday night, just so we could fully live the “Yub Yub” moment (nerds will understand this reference). And, sure enough, when it got to the final scenes of dancing celebrations on all the different worlds, we cried, like for the millionth time that day.

A sunrise shot would be more appropriate here, but I don’t wake up that early.

This isn’t really going to be a camping post. This is a marker in time, calling attention to a profoundly important moment in our shared history. Whatever your thoughts or politics, I hope you can feel the joyful embrace of renewed optimism reverberating across the planet. I hope you hear the words of inclusivity and acceptance of all, and the aspiration to work towards the common good. This is a whole new day, hard earned and well deserved.

Reservations made for Moss Landing because I thought I might need otters.

Last weekend the air was literally heavy with choking smoke and an AQI of over 100. Add to that a level of anxiety that held us breathless and nearly immobilized. This weekend we woke with a flood of tears, as the dam broke and let loose all the hope that had been barricaded so deep inside. Fear and uncertainty gave way to relief, and the closest thing to the definition of “hallelujah” that I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Whatever comes, I am grateful to have lived to see that kind of a day. I am grateful to see it play out with those I hold dear, as well as strangers, all across the world. If anything has been made clear this past year, with Coronavirus and all the rest of it, we are all connected. And this weekend, that was a beautiful thing. And for right now, that is enough.

As Mark Hamill said: Yub Nub y’all!

9 thoughts on “Sunset SB (6) and Moss Landing (4)

    1. Thank you Chad! Richard and I walked away, as did almost everyone involved in the crash. Dory is not so lucky. I don’t know when I will be able to write about this. We’re still kind of coming out of the shock of it all. But no, Dory is not ok and we are grieving pretty hard.

      1. While I am happy to hear that you and Richard are safe (and that is the most important thing!), I am very sad to hear that Dory is hurt. Actual tears came to my eyes… and I am a man that does not cry easily! I know how important Dory is to your life and sanity. Prayers

      2. I am heart sick to hear of your accident but relieved that you and Richard are fine physically. I am sure your faithful readers are grieving along with you, as I am, over Dory’s damage. I wish you strength and hope and a speedy recovery and repair for Dory.

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